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Census Sunday - Double Entry in the 1905 Census

1905 NYS Census Nathan Gardner
Census Sunday! Horray! Happy to see this has been picked up Geneabloggers. This re-post give you an example of a Census Sunday discovery.

Nathaniel Gardner, b 21 July 1882 NY – 7 December 1944 NY, was my maternal grandfather. He was born in New York City where he lived until 1940. My mother was in high school when he died so I never had the opportunity to meet him.

I have found him in old letters he wrote to my grandmother; in faded photographs showing him with my mother’s baby carriage; in city directories, and in census records.

1905 NYS Census Nathaniel Gardner
In the 1905 N.Y.S. Census my grandfather is listed twice. He is listed at East 87th Street in Manhattan with his parents, Louis [Leopold] and Fannie Gardner, and his siblings, Florence, Moses and Albert. This shows Nathan to be 19 years old and a telegrapher. [1905 NYS Census, NY Co, Manhattan, ED 13, AD 30, Block A, Pg8]

He is also listed as living at East 188th Street in the Bronx. He was a boarder with Eugene Archer. He was 23 and a telegraph operator. [1905 NYS Census, NY Co, Bronx, ED 52, AD 25, Page 16]

I believe both of these are my grandfather. His parents were indeed Leopold & Fannie Gardner. The names of his siblings are correct. He was actually 23 years old and a telegraph operator. He was certainly old enough to live on his own, as a boarder. Nathaniel worked in various Western Union offices over the years, sometimes in the Bronx. I think he moved in the days the census takers were collecting information and was counted twice.

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