Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sentimental Sunday - St. Patrick’s Day

St Patrick, Clonmel, Ireland
On St. Patrick’s Day I proudly wear green: green clothes, green beads and maybe a green hat. You don’t have to talk to me to discover that some of my roots are in Irish soil. Just look at my red hair and my freckles. When I visited Ireland I felt like I fit right in. And, each March, I get gifts wrapped in green paper and a green cake. Yes, St. Patrick’s Day is also my birthday. This year’s birthday is a big one. You’ll find me at a beach house in South Carolina with my family, watching the Charleston parade and having a special dinner with those I love most.

Clonmel, Tipperary
As a little girl I thought the parades and fuss were all for me. 

My great grandfather, Michael Coyle [b 1870], also loved St. Patrick’s Day. He would open all the windows of their New York City apartment. Then he’d play Irish songs on the piano and sing loudly. When his wife, Mary Josephine Mullane [1867 – 1927], would complain he’d say, “I want everyone to know we are Irish.” She replied. “I think they already know.”

Whether you are Irish or just Irish at heart, enjoy your day!

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