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Surname Saturday - Alphabetical Ancestors - M

M is for many different surnames.  If you share one of these names,
 let’s communicate. It
is always good to learn more.

M is for these Surnames…

Abraham Mark, 1812 PA – 1872 OH, was my 3rd great grandfather. He married Mary Isabella Heffelfinger in 1839 Wayne Co., OH. They had eight sons: Thomas Jefferson, John, William, Marion, Abraham M., Franklin P., David & Edwin. The four oldest sons served in the Civil War. Thomas Jefferson Mark & John Mark died during the war. William Mark, my 2nd great grandfather, was injured during the war but returned home, married and became the father of fourteen children. Abraham is in Reedsburg Cemetery. Abraham & Mary Isabella have many, many descendants.
George Patrick Maronge married Glenda Merrel Fortenberry, daughter of Duviox B & Gussie (Alford) Fortenberry. They had two sons and a daughter.
In 1934 Otis Charles Massie [b 1912 OH] married Ethel E Good [1912 OH – 1950 OH], daughter of Albert Edward & Elizabeth Lodema (Moore) Good. They had three children: Virginia, Edward & Caroline, all born in OH.
Elmer Maurer [b 1899 OH] married Pauline Morrison [1899 OH – 1979 OH], daughter of Seth Benner & Margaret Jane (Gruissy) Morrison. They had five children: Roy, Dale, Jack, Gerald & Joanne. Elmer was an electrician.
Daniel McCall [b 1860 NY] married Elizabeth Noye. They had six children: Margaret, Martha, Daniel, James, Mary & Patrick. James Joseph McCall [1898 NY – 1944 NY] married Marion Coyle [1900 NY – 1991 AZ], my grand aunt. They had no children. James was a New York City firefighter.
David Jackson McClendon [b 1838] married Eliza Jane Smith [1846 – 1919], daughter of Wyatt & Euseba (Fortenberry) Smith. They had two children: Annie and Eugene.
David J McMillan [1872 – 1950] married Ola Schilling [1880 – 1954]. They had twelve children: Wallie, Ethel, Ora, Mae, Lloyd, Archie, Velma, Mammie, Rhoda, David, Nadine & Evon.
In 1880 Allen G Messmore [b 1830 OH] married Barbary Ritter [1857 OH – 1928], daughter of Isaac & Isabell (Fisher) Ritter. They had six children: David, Ada, Bertha, Oliver, Clyd & Edward, all born in OH.
In 1836 Frederick Miller [bc 1803 MD] married Barbary Ritter [1810 PA – 1895], daughter of Johannes & Anna Mariah Ritter. They had five children: Elizabeth, Philip, Ari, Mary & Anna, all born in OH.
Henry C Miller [1847 OH – c 1910] married Mary Catherine Ritter [1853 OH – 1938] in 1870 OH. Mary Catherine was the daughter of Isaac & Isabell (Fisher) Ritter. Their nine children were born in OH: Charles, William, Dora, Harvey, Jonathan, Emma, Anna, James & Russel.
Peter Jonathan Moore [1857 OH – 1929 OH] married Caroline L Gruissy [1863 OH – 1936 OH]. Caroline was the daughter of Augustus Ceaser & Mary Ann (Everett) Gruissy. Peter was a farmer and brick layer. Their six children were born in OH: Amaline, Lillian Vera, Floyd, Frances, Elizabeth & Ralph.
George a Morris [1877 – 1943] married Mary Louise Fortenberry [1881 – 1963]. They had seven children: Willie, Boyce, Theodore, Delphin, George, Lank & Pershing.       
William Hiram Morrison [b 1830 NY] married Emily Benner [1839 OH – 1908 OH]. William was a shoe maker. They had six children: Thomas, Seth, Eldridge, Emily, Phoeby & Lolly. Their son, Seth Benner Morrison [1861 PA – 1952 OH] married Margaret Jane Gruissy in 1880 in OH. Seth was a farmer and later a paper finisher at Ohio Boxboard Co. They had eight children: Mona, Lena, Emily, Albert, Florence, Paul, Pauline & Peter.
Elizabeth Mowrey [1799 – 1871 OH] was my 4th great grandmother. She was the daughter of Michael & Eve Mowrey. Elizabeth married Philip Heffelfinger [1787 PA – 1877 OH]. I would love to learn more about the Mowrey family.
Daniel Mullane [c 1838 Ireland – 1930 Ireland] was the son of Thomas & Julia (Sullivan) Mullane. He married Brigid English. Their eleven children were bobrn in Ireland: Mary Josephine, Patrick, Thomas, Timothy, Ellen, Margaret, Frances Bridget, Margaret [a second Margaret], Daniel, Julia & Catherine. Daniel was a coach builder in County Tipperary.

Other ‘M’ surnames in my tree: Maley, Mattingly, McCormick, McCraw, McDaniel, McEleveen, Minter, Minton, Mowrer, Mullen & Munoz.

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