Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jones County, North Carolina Records

During my recent visit to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library I discovered a wonderful book:

Gwynn, Zae Hargett. 
Abstracts of the Records of Jones County, North Carolina, 1779 - 1868. Volume I. 
Kingsport, Tennessee: Kingsport Press, Inc., 1963.

This book has almost two dozen references to my Brown ancestors! I have limited information on my straight Brown line. The progenitor of our Browns is EdwardBrown, Sr. b c 1730 & d c 1797 in NC. This book shows me Edward on the tax list in 1779 “Brown, Edward. 100 acres, 100 acres, 100 acres, 50 acres in Jones Co., 25 cattle, 4 horses.” This is the earliest information I have on him. That’s just the first of several references to Edward and his sons.

1779. “15 - Mar. 26, 1779. John Bryan. 640 acres on north side of Trent, on west dies of Black swamp joining John Lavendar and Edward Brown.”

1783. Edward Brown witness to wills.

1785. “May 14, 1785. Edward Brown and wife, Jemimiah, to Vinson Branson for 25 pds. 15 acres on S. side of Trent river being part of tract granted, May 15, 1780 to Tucker Mauldin at Harrison’s line.”

1788. “143 - July 14, 1788. Edward Brown. 25 acres on north side of Trent river joining his own land.”
1789.  Jan. 14, 1789. Edward Brown. 100 acres on north side of Trent joining his own land.”

1789. “Sept. 28, 1789. John Bryan to Edward Brown for 20 pds. 400 acres on N. side of Trent river at lower back corner of Edward Brown’s land being part of patent granted to John Bryan, Oct. 22, 1783. Wts: John Harrison, James Harrison.”

1791. “431 - Feb. 10, 1791. Benjamin Stanton. 500 acres joining Hugh Bratcher on Juniper Pocoson that is vacant and to reach that whereon Wm. Busick lives, Adams’, Edward Brown’s,…”

1792. "Dec. 27, 1792. Aaron Brown. 50 acres on north side of Trent joining Rice Dulin and Edwd. Brown and to the river.

1792. "Dec. 27, 1792. Aaron Brown. 16 acres of Trent river joining Edward Brown’s line and Jno. Harrison.”

1793. “Mar. 16, 1793. Edward Brown. 400 acres on north side of Trent river Joining his own and William Adams.”

1793. “Oct. 2, 1793. Edwd. Brown. 80 acres on north side of Trent joining his own line.”

It has been wonderful to add to my limited information about my Browns!

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  1. Congratulations on finding a great resource!

  2. You really should get into the land deeds of Jones County. You'll be quite surprised at how resourceful they may be to your research.


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