Thursday, July 25, 2013

Family Treasure: World's Fair Teapot

1939 - 1940 Worlds' Fair Teapot

This teapot belonged to my great aunt, Kathleen G. Coyle. She lived in New York City and visited the 1939 - 1940 World's Fair several times. Sometimes she went with her sisters and once she took my mother along. Kathleen had other souvenirs: silver spoons, a glass bank and salt & pepper shakers. The teapot is my favorite because of the bright cobalt blue color. I looks like it was purchased recently, rather than over 70 years ago.

The design on the teapot shows the Perisphere & Trylon, symbols of the Fair. The Trylon was 610 feet tall and the Perisphere was 180 feet in diameter. They were the symbols of the Fair and appeared on many of the souvenirs. 

This teapot has a place of honor in my china cabinet today and it makes me smile when I see it. 


  1. Beautiful! The Nelson-Atkins museum in Kansas City had a world's fair exhibit last year. It was interesting to see the different treasures displayed at the fairs...but I don't remember keepsakes being a part of the exhibit, so it is fun to see this!

    1. That world's fair exhibit sounds like it was fun. Thanks for your nice comment!


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