Saturday, August 10, 2013

Surname Saturday - Alphabetical Ancestors O

Continuing my Alphabetical Ancestors, here is my short list of ‘O’ surnames. I am putting
out many names that don’t often appear in my blog posts in hopes of connecting with others who share these names. We can compare facts, sources & stories and expand our combined information. Please read through to discover if you are the cousin I am looking for.

O is for these Surnames…

Margaret Omer married John Michael Ritter [1782 PA – 1854 PA], son of Johann Daniel & Elizabeth (Rohn) Ritter. They lived in Pennsylvania. Their children: Charles [1806 PA – 1883 PA] , Thomas [1808 PA – 1883 PA], William [ b PA] & Franklin [b PA]. I’d like to learn more about Margaret.
Anna Barbara Orth was my 6th great grandmother & learning more about her would be wonderful. She was born 26 August 1697 in Germany. On 12 May 1716 she married Johan Jacob Wolf [b 1694 Germany]. They came to Paradise Twp., York Co, PA. She was the mother of 11 children: Maria Magdalena, Maria Barbara, Johan Peter, Johan Ludwig, Anna Maria, Johannes, Johan Nickel, Maria Barbara [a second one], Maria Christiana, Johan Friedrich & Johann Jonas [1739 – 1787]. The children were born in Germany with the exception of the youngest son who was born in Pennsylvania.
Caroline Orwig [b c 1820 – 1888] married John Franklin Wolf [1809 PA – 1883 OH], son of John Frederick Wolf. Their daughter was Emma Wolf [1863 OH – 1933 OH]. That’s all the information I have on the Orwig family at this time.
In 1735 Melchoir Ott, my 7th great grandfather, crossed the Atlantic from Switzerland. He settled in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Jacob Ott I [b 1725 Switzerland – 1786] was Melchoir’s son. On 3 Dec 1754 Jacob married Margaret Fitchtner in Orangeburg, SC. Their son, Jacob Ott II was born 1755 in Orangeburg, SC. Jacob Ott III was born 1774 in Orangeburg,SC. I have a long list of Otts. They were in SC for many years. Charlotte Temple Ott, my 3rd great grandmother & daughter of Jacob Ott III, was born 1815 in LA. She married Nathaniel Brumfield, was the mother of five children, and lived to be 80 years old.
Other ‘O’ surnames in my tree: Ogden, O’Rourke, Overby & Owen.


SallySearches said...

I don't have any matching O's. I do keep forgetting to tell you that my son has both a Mullane and a Coyle friend and teammate in HS. Whenever you post, I'm like, hey it's the cross country team :)

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

ha ha ha Go Coyle! Go Mullane!