Saturday, August 24, 2013

Alphabetical Ancestors N

Continuing my Alphabetical Ancestors, here are my ‘N’ surnames.
 I am putting out many names that don’t often appear in my blog posts in hopes of connecting with others who share these names. We can compare facts, sources & stories and expand our combined information. Please read through to discover if you are the cousin I am looking for.

N is for these Surnames…

Roy Edward Nee [1878 – 1963] was the son of Henry and Matilda Nee. Roy was married three times. In 1922 he married Isabell Esther Mark [1903 – 1984] in OH. They had two sons, Harold and Paul. Harold served in the Army during World War II. He had four children.

Edward Newell [b 1873 OH] married Cora Bell Mark [1872 OH – 1905 OH]. They were married in Ohio in 1892. In 1900 Edward was a day laborer in Wooster. They had two daughters: Edna & Maude. Cora was only 32 when she died.

Willis L Nichols [b 1869 OH] married Rephenia Cathern Gruissy [1870 OH – 1943 MI]. They had one son, Richard Ray Nichols [b 1886 OH]. They were married c 1891 and by 1900 were living in Michigan. Willis was a carpenter. He & Rephenia also collected and sold seashells to button makers. Rephenia was well known in the family for her large size, her wonderful sense of humor and for smoking cigars. She was my great grand aunt.

Jacob Noonemaker married Anna Margaretha Ritter [b 1776 PA]. They had two children: Maria Elizabeth [b 1794 PA] & Johanas [b 1800 PA].

Charles Edwin Norris married Ethel May Miller [b 1893 OH], daughter of Charles Henry & Effie Belle Miller. They had two children: Raymond Lemoin [b 1913] and Viola May [b 1915].

Raymond Alexander Nothstein [1914 PA – c 1987], son of William D & Bessie Nothstein, married Viola Cathern Mark [1913 OH – 2004 FL]. They were married in 1935 in OH and had four children. In 1940 Raymond was a laborer in Summit Co, OH.

Other ‘N’ surnames in my tree: Newton, Nicholls & Noye.

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