Saturday, September 21, 2013

Surname Saturday - Alphabetical Ancestors R

I am still working my through the alphabet, posting my surnames, many that need to get
out and get some air. R is for research & some really nice people.

R is for these Surnames…

Oswald E Reppel [1926 – 1999 LA] married Yvonne Alford. Yvonne was the daughter of Bryant L & Vinney (Robertson) Alford.

Benarr Jessee Reynolds [1925 MS – 1995 MS] was the son of Thelma Lady Brown. In 1940 he lived with his grandparents, Jasper P & Rose Ella Brown and attended school. He married Jessie E Overby [b 1927 KY] in 1950 in Oregon. They had two sons & a daughter.

George Ringer [d 1812] married Maria Elizabeth Ritter [1766 – 1847]. Maria was the daughter of Casper & Hanna Ottilla (Hertz) Ritter. They had eight children: John, Jacob, Daniel, William, George, Sallie, Catharine & Polly.

My sixth great grandfather was Heinrich Ritter [c 1715 Germany – 1797 PA]. I have a long list of Ritters who are descendants of Heinrich & his three brothers. Heinrich & his wife, Maria Elizabeth Tutt had ten children. Many Ritters are still in Pennsylvania. At one time they lived in Rittersville. My branch moved on to Ohio. My third great grandfather, Isaac Ritter and his wife, Isabell Fisher raised a dozen children in Wayne County, OH.
My third cousin, once removed, Larry Knox & his wife, Bonnie, introduced me to our Ritter connection. Over the years he has been a great resource for Ritter information. His book inspired me to write about my Mark Family.

Sarah Robertson, daughter of Christian Robertson, died in Liberty, Georgia in 1810. She married Moses Brown [1777 – 1838 MS] and had four children. She is my 4th great grandmother but I know very little about her.

Henry Romig married Catherine E Ritter [1773 PA – c 1835] She was the daughter of Johannes Ritter, Sr & Maria Elizabeth Keck. Henry & Catherine had seven children: Jonathan, Henry, Maria, Jesse, Charles, Susan & Lea.

Karl Clayton Rowlee married Florence V Morrison [1896 OH – 1966 CA]. She was the daughter of Seth Benner Morrison & Margaret Jane Gruissy. Their seven children were born in Ohio: Seth, Karl, Floyd, Annabelle, Milton, Cliford & Ralph. In 1920 they lived in Canton, Stark, OH.

Other ‘R’ surnames in my tree: Raby, Rambaucher, Raudebaugh, Reed.

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