Saturday, September 14, 2013

Surname Saturday - Alphabetical Ancestors - P

P is for parents & partners and plenty of people!

P is for these Surnames…

This is my husband’s maternal line. The Palilla family came from Italy. Calogero ‘Charles’ Palilla was born in Sicily in 1894, son of Dominick Palilla.  He married Grazia Brgandi who was born 1901 in Sicily. Both were here by 1920 when they were married in CT. Their four children were born in New York State.

Ralph Alvin Parker [1901 OH – 1979 OH] married Nellie Irene Joliff [1903 OH – 1994], daughter of Samuel Martin Joliff & Margaret Maude Mark. Ralph & Nellie were married 1923 in OH. They had three children.

This is my husband’s paternal line. Stories vary concerning the name change. This family came from Italy. Dominic & Giovanna Pascale had two sons. Augustino [1855 Italy – 1929] married Maria Grazia Servello. They had six children. Thomas [1873 Italy – 1958 NY] married Camella Arena. They also had six children three born in Italy and three born in NY.
My husband’s paternal grandparents were Frank [1889 Italy – 1973 NY] son of Augustino & Giovanna [1898 Italy – 1988 NY] daughter of Thomas. Giovanna ‘Jennie’ was famous in the family for her delicious meatballs!

Johnson Patrick [1812 – 1856]  b married Nancy P Brown [1815 MS – 1862]. Nancy was the daughter of Moses & Nancy Brown. They had nine children: Rees, Joseph, Amanda, Willis, Emily, David, Lucinda, Charles & Elizabeth.

Nancy Perkins [1787 – 1870] married Moses Brown [1777 – 1838 MS]. Nancy was the daughter of James Perkins. Nancy & Moses had seven children: Amanda, Nancy, Margaret, Moses, Aaron, Rees & Samantha.

Other ‘P’ surnames in my tree: Pearson, Peddicord, Pendley, Perry, Peters, Purdy & Puzzo.

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