Saturday, November 9, 2013

Surname Saturday - Alphabetical Ancestors - U & V

U & V is for these Surnames… 

When I began my alphabetical ancestors I wanted to give all my surnames some fresh air. I don’t have enough information about some distant relatives to have them as a focus of a blog post. However, there might be someone out there who knows more and I’d like to hear from them. I am approaching the end of the alphabet. My ‘U’ & ‘V’ names are limited and my information on them is limited. Here is what I know.

Maria Uberoth married Johannes Keck [b 1772 PA]. Their son was George Keck [1800 – 1865]. Maria was my 6th cousin, once removed. Having written this I have shared everything I know about Maria.

Lemuel W Ulman married Edith Edna Ritter [1881 OH – 1947]. Edith was the daughter of John William Ritter & Ruth Ann Scott. Their daughter was Martha May Ulman [b 1906].

Andrew Ulsh married Maria Barbara Ritter [1788 PA – 1828]. Maria was the daughter of Johannes Ritter Sr & Maria Elisabeth Keck. Andrew was the husband of my 4th great grand aunt.

Anthony Valente married Fay Brigandi [b 1811 Sicily]. They were married 1935 in New York City. They had three children: Arlene, Anthony & Nancy. They are in my husband’s family tree.

Angela Valenti [c 1876 Sicily – c 1934 NY] married Carmen Brigandi [c 1881 Sicily – after 1947]. They were married in Sicily. They had six children: Grazia, Carlo, Jospeh, Fay, Antionette & Anthony. These people are related to my husband’s mother.

Van Zile
Ralph Van Zile was the son of Suzie B (Mark) Van Zile [1887 OH – 1947]. Suzie was the daughter of David Mark & Mary Ann Clason. Ralph was my second cousin, twice removed.

Von Ludwig
Julia Elizabeth von Ludwig [b c 1906 MS] was the daughter of Oscar William von Ludwig & Mary C Smith. Julia married Frank Paul Benson. Their children were Mary & Michael.

Other ‘V’ surnames in my tree: Van Dyke, Van Houten, Varado, Vashon, Voelker, Voghall, Voll, Vozella, & Vrabec

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Giving the families "fresh air" -- love that expression! And I really like your motivation too.