Saturday, November 30, 2013

Surname Saturday - Alphabetical Ancestors W

W is for these Surnames…
I am nearing the end of these year long posts.

Dale W Watchtel was born 1939 OH. He married Carol Ann Jolliff, daughter of Glenn R & Helen V Jolliff. They had one son.

C Prentice Waldo [b 1853 OH] married Emma Wolf [1863 OH – 1933 OH], daughter of John Franklin & Carol Orwig Wolf. Prentice & Emma had four children: Lydia, Winfred, Wayland & Blake. In 1900 Prentice was a butcher in Medina County, OH. In 1920 he was a farmer in the same location.

Golda Mae Warner [1902 OH – 1982 OH] married Eslie Guy Mark [1890 OH – 1972 OH]. They were married in 1922. Eslie Guy served in World War I. They had three sons: Guy, Glenn & Dana. Son, Guy, was killed in World War II. In 1920 Eslie Guy was a trapper. In 1930 he was a laborer at odd jobs.

Morris & Rose Weissberg came from Austria with their son, Frank Samuel Weissberg [1878 Austria – 1940 NY]. Frank married Florence Gartner in 1907 NY City. Soon after they moved to Buffalo, NY where Frank was a tailor & furrier. He & Florence had two sons: Milton and Francis. Milton was a lawyer. Florence was my grand aunt.

Thomas Clarence Wilson [1888 MS – 1974] married Euna Clarabelle Fortenberry [b 1894]. They had 11 children: Thelma, Alton, Clarence, Edna, Arnell, Evelyn, Thomas, Walter, Juanita, Everett & Elvera. In 1920 they lived in LA where Thomas worked at an oil refinery.

My paternal grandmother’s family reaches back to the Wolf family in Germany. The family moved to Pennsylvania and later to Ohio. Johannes Peter & Susanna Wolf were my 7th great grandparents. Their son, Johan Jacob Wolf was b 1694 in Germany. He married Anna Barbara Orth. They had eleven children. Their son, Johann Jonas Wolf [1739 PA – 1787 PA] married Appollonia Dick c 1761. They had ten children. The Wolf family quickly expanded in the USA. They were farmers & soldiers in our wars.

Other ‘W’ surnames in my tree: Waddell, Wadford, Wagener, Wager, Waggner, Wagner, Whitaker, Wieland, Wireman, Wise, Wood, Woods, Wortman, Wright & Wynn.


  1. Such interesting careers -- furrier, trapper, tailor. I wish at least ONE of my ancestors had ventured into something more alluring than farming and railroads.

    1. Wendy, farmers were & are very important! Railroads sound intriguing. Now a pirate would be fun to uncover. ha!


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