Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Genealogy Travel: - Louisiana - Part 1 - Research Help Wanted

Dear Fellow Genealogists,

I am looking for tips on libraries, archives, cemeteries or historical societies in Louisiana. Early next month I will be going to New Orleans with my husband. While he attends a conference I hope to search out my Louisiana ancestors, especially these:

I will have a Friday, Saturday & Sunday for research. Many places will be closed, I think, on the weekend so I may have only one day. If you have visited any libraries, archives or cemeteries in the area I’d like to know which ones are the best to visit. I will have limited time and would like to find locations with family & area histories, parish records, cemetery listings, etc. I hope to look at books and records that I cannot find on the internet.

I am considering visiting the Louisiana State Archives in Baton Rouge. Has anyone used these archives for genealogy research?

The internet has some information on libraries & archives but I’d love to get tips from someone who has actually done hands on research in the area. Thanks, in advance, for your tips! Colleen

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  1. Colleen,
    This sound like an awesome trip. I'm not familiar with Louisianna resources but the State Archives in Jackson, Mississippi is great and I know some of your family is there also.

    1. Thanks. Not sure if I will have time to go that far, almost 3 hours from New Orleans. I'll see when I get down there.

  2. Colleen, I sent a message regarding this blog post to your email. You might want to check your spam folder.


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