Friday, December 13, 2013

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories – Christmas at School – 2013

When I was in elementary school in Germantown, NY, we made many Christmas crafts. We cut out paper stockings and ‘sewed’ them together with yarn. We made cotton ball snowmen and paper reindeer. Each classroom decorated a tree. I remember making miles of paper chains in red and green. Glitter & glue were sprinkled on everything. Our classrooms, the hallway, the whole school was decorated for Christmas. Our small rural school hummed with happiness.

One year we learned Christmas poems. We copied & illustrated them with crayons. Each day we recited them. The following poem has stuck with me for many years. I did an unsuccessful search for it on the internet. I don’t know the poet’s name or if there is more that I don’t remember. Here’s a bit of a Christmas memory.

A package is a special thing
It always keeps you wondering.
For whether it is thin or wide
You never know just what’s inside.
Especially in Christmas week
Temptation is so great to peek.
Now wouldn't it be much more fun
If shoppers carried things undone?

Has anyone ever heard this poem? Do you know the poet?

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