Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Traditions - Games!

 Christmas = Games

We like to play board games on Christmas. Sounds like fun? Well, beware because games can be taken quite seriously, especially if the game is RISK. My husband has loved this game since he was a boy. He and his cousin played it when they got together. Sometimes the game lasted all weekend. They added tanks, planes & army men from other games. Each of them wanted to rule the world. Sometimes my mother in law had to take the board game away from Don & Phil to restore peace in the house and the friendship to the cousins.

RISK has infected the next generation. Our children, their cousins, and spouses play with my husband now. Wiping out the armies of the other player and gaining control of the world is very serious. There have been tears, disputes & allegations of secret deals. Strategies have become more complex as they got older. Mostly, however, there’s lots of laughter and many happy memories.

We play other games as well… Ticket to Ride, Clue, Life, Kismet,…  Of course, those are just for fun. Sometimes a game of Laser Tag or a trip to an ice rink but if you ever join us on Christmas and the RISK board comes out, just turn away and get a glass of eggnog. 

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