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Johan Jonas Wolf, 1739 PA - 1787 PA

This post is extracted from my book, The Mark Family Story; The Story of the Mark and Other Related Families: Brown, Dick, Gruissy, Heffelfinger, Keck, Ritter & Wolf.

Johann Jonas Wolf

27 December 1739 PA – 21 September 1787 PA
My 5x Great Grandfather

Johann Jonas Wolf, born in Pennsylvania, was the youngest child of Johan Jacob and Anna Barbara (Orth) Wolf. He married Appollonia (Dick) Wolf. Appollonia had been born at sea when her parents emigrated from Germany to America.[1] They lived in York County, Pennsylvania.[2]
Johann Jonas Wolf was a Second Lieutenant during the American Revolutionary War.[3], [4] At that time Adams County was still a part of York County. Although news was slow to arrive in this remote area the people were in support of the steps towards separation from the British Empire. As early as 1760 discontent was openly spoken of at public meetings. In April 1775 they raised money to send to the people of Boston. On 1 July 1775 the first company of soldiers marched from Pennsylvania to Boston. Companies and regiments of soldiers were formed. In 1777 Congress fled from Philadelphia to safety in Lancaster. After a brief stay they fled again. This time they settled in York where they remained for nine months. In 1778 the number of men from York County in the militia was 4,621.[5]
In 1778 Johann Jonas Wolf was in the Sixth Battalion, Fifth Company with Peter Ickes as his Captain and John Mullin as the First Lieutenant. Jonas was the Second Lieutenant.[6] In 1779 he was in the Seventh Battalion, Eighth Company. Peter Ickes was still his Captain. Now Jonas was the First Lieutenant.[7],[8] He was

“…in a detachment of the York County Militia under command of Captain John Wampler, in actual service guarding prisoners of war at Camp Security in York County, D 7, 1781 – F 7, 1782.”[9]
          Camp Security was a Prisoner of War Camp, just east of the City of York. It housed over one thousand British and Canadian prisoners of war between the summer of 1781 and the spring of 1783. Many of these were from the surrender of General John Burgoyne to General Gates at Saratoga, New York, on October 18, 1777.
The site of the Revolutionary prison camp was north of the York and East Prospect Road in the Northeastern part of Windsor Township. For three – fourths of a century it had been owned by Jacob Holtzinger. The prison, ‘pen’ as it had been called, was built in the form of a circle. Posts, fifteen feet in length, were erected in close proximity, so that the entire prison resembled an Indian fort; within the enclosures prisoners built huts. The County Militia guarded the camp for several years until the fall of 1782, when a congressional regiment was sent to guard the prisoners in York, Lancaster and Berks Counties.[10]

During the American Revolutionary War the Germans in Pennsylvania were strong supporters of the war. Men like Johann Jonas Wolf fought to repel the British troops. Many more families helped the fighting men by providing horses, wagons and food. The Pennsylvania counties were the most prosperous agricultural areas at that time. Even the non-combatant Mennonites never denied requests for provisions. Lancaster, York, Berks and Northampton Counties led the way in supplying the fighting troops.[11]
In 1778 Johann Jonas Wolf  was the over seer of the poor for Berwick Township.[12]
Miller and Pencak describe the average farm in late Colonial Pennsylvania. The average farm was 125 acres.
There were seven head of cattle, three or four horses, eight pigs, ten sheep, some chickens, and a hive or two of bees. Fifty-three acres were under plow, in hay meadows, or in orchards. Another twenty acres were pastureland. Three acres were devoted to the house, barns, springhouse, and corncribs, while the remainder was woodlot, providing lumber, fuel, and foraging for cattle and pigs. The family, often with the assistance of a slave, servant, tenant family, or hired help, harvested 300 bushels of grains, dressed 450 pounds of pork and beef, made cheese, butter, beer, and grew vegetables, fruit, flax, and tobacco every year.[13]
Miller and Pencak continue to describe the average farm’s products and its purchases.
This average farm family sold about 55 bushels of wheat, 200 pounds of meat, plus flaxseed, hay, and other products and purchased cloth, shoes, hats, salt and spices, almanacs, Bibles and prayer books, hardware, tools, and more.[14]
Following the war, York County fell on hard times.
The winter of 1783 is known as the “hard winter,” during which everything froze, causing an entire failure of crops the following year. A contagious disease breaking out among the cattle, carried hundreds away. The people, generally, were in distressing circumstances. Collectors of taxes were unable to make their collections, … For a number of years after the war, times were hard, on account of the great depreciation of Continental money, and the waste of life and property during the long struggle.[15]
The Wolf family belonged to the Emmanuel Reformed Church, Abbottstown.
Jonas Wolf was the ancestor of the Wolf family that took an active part in the affairs of the church for more than one hundred fifty years. Frederick Wolf, d. 1803, was a highly respected citizen of the Township, as is evidenced by an uninterrupted period of civil service covering a period of seventeen years.[16]
 Johann Jonas Wolf died In September 1787 in Berwick Township. An inventory was made of his “Estate, Goods, Chattles, Rights and Credits”. The extensive listing included “The Dwelling Plantation, Consisting of 83 Acres and Allowances of Land, Another Plantation and tract of land Consisting of 120 acres, more or less.” Reading through the inventory gives a clear view of life in 1787, the time of his death.

A Sermon Book; Two Hymn Books; 2 Old Spelling Books, and Primer; Great – Coat; Four Coat, Jacket, Breeches and Hat; 4 pair of Trouzers [sic], & 1 pair of Leggins; 2 Shirts, and one pair of stockings; 1 pair of old boots, 1 pair of Shoes, Buckles; A watch and 3 old Shirts; A wagon; A Plough and Irons; 2 black horses; A Sorrel; A Black Mare; A Colt; A brindled Cow; A Spotted Heiffer [sic]; A brown Steer; A red Steer; A black Heiffer; 3 Heiffer Calves; 2 other Calves; 17 head of Sheep; A Wind Mill; A Waggon Cloath [sic]; A Cutting Box and Knife; The Geers [sic] and Stones of an Oil Mill; A Quantity of Wheat at 4/6 Bushels; A Quantity of Rye at 2/9 Bushels; A Quantity of Oats at 1/6 Bushels; Hay; 2 Dung forks, and hook; A hay – fork, 2 Rakes and 2 flails; 2 old casks and trough; A Quantity of Flax, unthreashed; A Quantity of Hemp, unwatered; 5 Cow Chains; A Pair of Hay – Ladders; 8 Planks; An Old Wheel – barrow; A Log – Chain; One Still – Door; A Harrow; Stretch Chains; A Sleigh; A sled; 4 Hogs; 2 Shovels; A grindstone; A pair of Hobbles; A Man Saddle, and Saddlebags; An old Saddle, and Saddlebags; A stallion chain; 2 Augers; A pair of Pincers, Chizzel [sic], Gouge, and Spike; A half – Bushel; A hand saw, and draw knife; Two pieces of Iron & a door hinge; A whip; A Cake – Iron; An old Sythe [sic] & piece of Gin Barrel; A Pot Trammel; A quilling – Wheel and Swifts; A Sythe [sic] and Craddle [sic]; 2 Spinning Wheels; A warping Bar, Wouk, and 22 spools; A weavers Loom; Reeds and Geers [sic]; 2 Gums with some Salts; A covered Straw Basket and dried apples; An old cask with some Sope [sic] and Fat; Riddles & Straw; An Old cask with some Lime; 2 Baskets and old Iron; A Bag with feathers; A pruning saw and Whip Stalk; Some Onions and old Sive [sic]; An empty Hogshead with straw cover; 2 straw baskets and some beans; A flour Barrel; An Axe and three rakes; A big Wheel, Reel and Swifts; A hair – sifter and Rope; A Dough Trough; A Side – saddle and Bridle; A pair of Steel yards; 9 Bags; A Chest and Box; A bed and Bedstead; 2 Razors 7 Strap; Table Clothes; An old Half Bushel and 7 Bread Baskets; A table; A Looking Glass; A Cupboard; Wool; Woolen Yarn; A Stone Jug; 2 little Tubs; 3 Pails; An Iron Pot; 2 pewter Basins,  4 Plates, 7 spoons & 8 Tea spoons; Tea tin, Coffee pot, Funnel, 1 Quart, 2 Pint & half pint cups; 5 Delf [sic] Plates; 10 pairs of cups & saucers, 2 tea pots, and a Sugar Pot; A glass and earthen bowl & salt Box; 1 lamp and Candlestick; A Coffee – Mill & Spice Box; 2 Bottles; 6 Knives and 10 Forks; A Kitchen Dresser; A Shelf[17]

          Appollonia (Dick) Wolf died about 1790. On 19 August 1790 another inventory was taken, this time of Appollonia’s Estate. Many of the same items were listed. The following were some possessions unique to Appollonia (Dick) Wolf:

A Bed Case; 3 Callico [sic] Gowns; 3 lintsey [sic] Gowns and a long Gown; a Woman’s Cloke [sic]; 8 lintsey [sic] petticoats; one silk hankercheif [sic]; a pair stocking and a pair of Mitten; 2 knifes, 2 forks, 3 cups and one apron; one bowl and a candlestick; blue and white woolen yarn; 3 yards of flax linen; 14 yards of ton linen; hand sope [sic]; a feather bed and two blankets; a pair of spectacles; a pine Chest; a wallet and a little bag[18]

The final resting place of Johann Jonas and Appolonia (Dick) Wolf has yet to be discovered.

1 Johann Jonas Wolf b: 27 Dec 1739 Lebanon, PA, d: 21 Sep 1787 Abbottstown, York, PA
.. + Appollonia Dick b: 14 Aug 1738 at Sea, m: 1761, d: Abt. 1791 PA

....2 Jacob Wolf b: 05 Jun 1762 York, PA, d: 31 Mar 1810 York, PA
.... + Cornelia Knight b: 27 Oct 1765, d: 6 Oct 1806
......3 Margaret Wolf b: 1803
...... + John Straw m: 1830
....2 Appollonia Wolf b: 31 Dec 1763 York, PA, d: Aft. 1787
....2 John Wolf b: 18 Sep 1767 York, PA, d: 28 Aug 1851 Hamilton, Adams, PA
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.... + Henry Becker
....2 Adam Wolf b: 12 Feb 1773 York, PA, d: 13 Mar 1865
.... + Eva b: 1771, d: 1839
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......3 Maria Wolf b: 26 Sep 1796, d: 24 Nov 1873 Abbottstown, Adams, PA
......3 Jacob Wolf b: 19 Apr 1798 in Abbottstown, Adams, Pennsylvania, USA, d: Unknown
......3 John Wolf b: 24 Jan 1802
......3 Elizabeth Wolf b: 19 Mar 1804
......3 Adam Wolf b: 05 Dec 1810
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......3 John Adam Wolf b: 28 Aug 1800 Berwick, Adams, PA, d: 14 Aug 1825 Adams, PA
......3 Louisa Wolf b: 14 Aug 1802 in Berwick, Adams, PA, d: Unknown
...... + Hanes
......3 Frederick Wolf b: 9 Sep 1804 Berwick, Adams, PA, d: 29 Oct 1891 Adams, PA
...... + Louisa C Goetz m: 13 Feb 1825 PA, d: 3 Oct 1861
......3 Jacob Wolf b: 21 Dec 1806 Berwick, Adams, PA, d: 11 Jun 1891 Anderson, KS
...... + Matilda Kinert
......3 John Franklin Wolf b: 11 Apr 1809 Berwick, Adams, PA, d: 10 Mar 1883 Hinckley, Medina, OH
...... + Elisabeth Burkholder b: 24 May 1814 York, PA, d: 22 Jun 1856 OH
...... + Caroline Orwig b: Abt. 1820, m: 6 Nov 1856 Wayne, OH, d: 1888
......3 John Jonas Wolf b: 29 Jun 1811 Adams, PA, d: 16 Feb 1895 York Springs, Adams, PA
...... + Sarah Ann Chronister b: 14 Apr 1824, d: 1891
......3 Esther Barbara Wolf b: 27 Jan 1814 Adams, PA, d: 12 Dec 1903 Adams, PA
...... + Isaac Meyers
......3 Ninetta Wolf b: 18 May 1817 Adams, PA, d: 18 Jul 1890 New Chester, Adams, PA
...... + George H Spangler
......3 Henry H Wolf b: 20 Nov 1820 Adams, PA, d: 1860
...... + Maria Magdalena d: 1852
......3 William Wolf b: 20 Apr 1824 Abbottstown, Adams, PA, d: 2 Apr 1888 Conway Springs, Sumner, KS
...... + Sarah Jane Wilson
....2 Maria Elizabeth Wolf b: 27 Jun 1782 York, PA, d: Unknown
....2 Andrew Wolf b: 18 Mar 1787 York, PA, d: 28 Apr 1867 Berwick, York, PA
.... + Catherine Dick b: 1795, m: 1829
......3 Christian Wolf b: 7 Apr 1819, d: 12 Jan 1880
......3 Andrew Alexander Wolf b: 31 Jan 1821, d: 24 Oct 1885
......3 George Wolf b: 14 Aug 1823
......3 Josiah Wolf b: 1828, d: 1 Sep 1874
......3 Jeremiah Wolf b: 22 Aug 1829 Berwick, York, PA, d: 27 Feb 1877 Abbottstown, Adams, PA
...... + Eliza Ann Reigle d: 7 Sep 1906
......3 Richard Wolf b: 7 Jul 1831
......3 Benjamin Franklin Wolf b: 16 Feb 1833
......3 Jonas Wolf b: 6 Aug 1836
......3 Anna Maria Catherine Wolf b: 09 Mar 1839
......3 Adam Wolf b: 9 Mar 1839, d: 29 Nov 1924
...... + Elenora
......3 Catherine Wolf b: 1846

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