Friday, December 12, 2014

Gordonsville Cemetery VA; Civil War Soldiers

The Maplewood Memorial Association
Has erected this tablet
As a tribute of respect to
Some seven hundred Confederate soldiers
Mainly from North Carolina and Georgia
Who laid down their lives
For The cause they love and lost
Their names are perished
May their memory be imperishable!

In Gordonsville Cemetery there is a large stone monument to fallen Civil War soldiers. It sits at the edge of a peaceful green field where there’s a whispering wind in the trees. Could the whisper be voices of these 700 brave men who fell so far from home and lie in a spot unmarked by their names? Were their mothers and sisters ever able to stand at this resting spot; to leave a handful of flowers, shed a tear and say a prayer?

I recently posted about my visit to the Gordonsville Hospital in Virginia. It was the last stop for Martin Penn Brumfield, my 2nd great grand uncle, and many more soldiers during the Civil War. The hotel had become a hospital that treated thousands of soldiers.

After touring the museum and finding Martin’s name I spoke to the volunteer at the museum, asking where the soldiers were buried. She explained that they had, originally, been buried on the grounds but later were moved to the Maplewood Cemetery. She gave me directions to the cemetery which was close by and told me how to find the correct section on the cemetery. I parked my car and spent some quiet moments there. I looked out and tried to picture 700 men standing in the field, leaning on a rifle, sipping water from a canteen, feeling the wind on their faces. I wondered what they would tell me about their lives, their service and their deaths.

There are a few inscriptions with brief details. Those markers memorialize these soldiers:

William Nance, NC, 1819 – 1864
John W Tilley, NC, 1843 – 1863
William H Qualls, NC, 1836 – 1863
Barney Chael, NC, 1820 – 1863
Landon P Carter, VA
Alexander H Beddingfield, NC, 1840 – 1863
James Edmondson, NC, 1863
James William Wood, NC, 1832 – 1863
Matthew W Jackson, NC, 1829 – 1862
Stephen Hicks, NC, 1839 – 1863
Howell Hicks, NC, 1829 – 1862
Elkanah C Litton, NC, 1836 – 1862
Thomas H Lane, NC, 1832 – 1863
Jasper Emory, NC, 1834 – 1863

I have photos of each of these stones. If you find a family member here I will be glad to send you a photo with more details.

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