Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Time to Write: #6 Maps

I am putting my research on my mother’s family into a book. I would like to include a few maps. The book I wrote about my paternal grandmother’s family took place in the United States and I did not feel a great need for maps. However, my mother’s book stretches across the Atlantic and I think maps would be helpful to give a clear picture of our roots.

The first task, of course, is to locate maps. I have maps from archives and genealogy centers. I can credit those institutions for the maps. I have maps in books and I can cite the books for those maps.
What about maps on line? Who gets credit? I found several black & white maps of Ireland that show the counties. They look identical but they come from various websites. Do I credit one, all or none of those sites?
In the first section of my book I have these maps:
1.    The Families
a.    Map of Ireland
b.    Map of County Cavan, Ireland
c.    Map of Killykeen, Cavan, Ireland
d.    Map of Moate, Cavan, Ireland
e.    Map of Dukla, Poland & Tojak, Hungary; Home of the Gartners
f.     Map of Tipperary County, Ireland
g.    1841 Map of Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland
h.    1975 Map of Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland

Map from
 Clonmel; An Architectural Guide by Elizabeth Shee & S J Watson, 1975.
My Mullane family lived in Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland for about 100 years.

My book is being written for my family, certainly not mass market sales. However I do want to give credit to others for their work. I certainly have no talent for drawing my own maps.
I welcome feedback from others who have dealt with maps in their publications. Where do you get your maps & how do you give credit to the artists?


  1. Hello Colleen,

    My understanding is if you use in a publication any OSI (Ordnance Survey) maps of Ireland, whether online or otherwise, then you must obtain permission from OSI and pay for a CP1 copyright permit. Here is a link to the info on their website:


  2. Colleen,
    I am thoroughly enjoying this series and plan to put all the articles together in a small PDF.

    1. Charlie, be sure to include comments because because readers are leaving helpful tips! As always, thanks for coming by, reading & commenting.


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