Monday, June 27, 2016

Independence Day Preparations

Our country’s birthday is soon; our family is coming for a BBQ & I have a long list of preparations. I have a guest list & a menu to check, bedrooms to freshen up & flower beds that need attention.

I also need to be ready to share our genealogy. Most of our guests are my Brown relatives. Before they come I will set up trifold display boards with our family history. Over the years I have made several boards, including:

·         Browns on the Move; the migration of our family across several states
·         Our Revolutionary War Soldiers; highlighting seven ancestors
·         Soldiers form our Family; photos & lists of soldiers & sailors from many wars
·         Pedigree Chart for my paternal grandmother; with photos & descendant charts
·         Pedigree Chart for my paternal grandfather; with photos & descendant charts

I surround myself with rulers, markers & glue and I remember the days I prepared displays for my classroom as I get ready for Independence Day. I want them to catch the eye of the family and temporally distract them from hot dogs and watermelon slices.

Each year I set up new & the old display boards. I like to see nieces & nephews & cousins examining the boards and using a finger to trace the lines of their particular branch of the family.

Do you have a yearly family gathering?
Do you have a format for sharing your genealogy findings?

Add a comment & share your ideas. 


Charlie Purvis said...

Love the trifold display boards for displaying your lineage to family and friends.

Michelle Ganus Taggart said...

I bet they loved all that you did! I need to step it up and take advantage of get-togethers like this!