Saturday, May 4, 2019

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: ON THE ROAD: Abbottstown, PA

Amy Johnson Crow challenges us to remember our ancestors and their families through this task: 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. I completed ’52 Ancestors’ in 2014 & here I go again. This post is in response to that challenge. The topic for this week is OUT OF PLACE.

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: ON THE ROAD: Abbottstown, PA

This is a repost from 2014. At that time I was traveling to a genealogy convention and made a stop to find the home of my 4th great grandfather.

Before taking the trip I looked at Find A Grave where I found Frederick Wolf and photographs of his historic home in Abbottstown, PA! Checking Google maps I discovered this home was just a short distance from my route to Virginia!

Home of
John Frederick Wolf 1779 PA - 1872 PA
29 East King Street, Abbottstown PA

I was meant to stop there on my drive & I did. I had been in the area before looking at cemeteries. In fact, I was only a block away from my last visit. I parked & snapped photographs of the home of my distant grandfather. 

Back to Google, I put in the address & found a real estate website with this information:

The Frederick Wolf House was built in c.1753 and is the second-oldest house in Abbottstown. It predates the founding of Gettysburg (1780) by 30 years. The house was built by the Abbott family, who also built the Abbott House, the borough's oldest structure. The Wolf Family lived in the house from 1820's to the 1890's and built several additions to the original log cabin. This house was the recipient of the Historic Gettysburg-Adams County Inc., 2004 Historic Preservation Award. The house was built circa 1753. The museum quality restorations were performed by T.L. Sanders, Historic Building Preservation Specialist.

When I am ON THE ROAD I never know what I will uncover.


  1. I was overexcited to see this house! Wish I could have gone inside.

  2. One gift Covid has given me is the time to really dive deep into researching my ancestry. I had no idea what I would uncover when I started. I was thrilled to see all the research you have done. Jone Fredrick is my 5x great grandfather and his father, Jonas would be my 6th. I had found their graves but had no idea the house was around the corner from the cemetery! I am stuck in California until this pandemic is over but as soon as I can, I will be coming back to Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland to visit many family members I didn't even know I had. As a history major in school and a high school history teacher, I am overjoyed at the things I have managed to uncover. THANK YOU for the pictures and the address and all of the great info!

  3. If you go to this website and put in the address you can do a virtual tour of what it looked like a few years ago when it was sold! Inside and out!


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