Friday, November 4, 2011

November Birthdays, November 4 - 15

Ernest Miles Mark
4 November       1711       Anna Ottilla KNACK was my sixth great grandmother. She was born in Germany where she married Johan Adam Dick in 1731. They came to America  in 1738 and settled in Pennsylvania. They had seven children, the first three born in Germany and the fourth born at sea while sailing to America. Anna lived to be 70 years old.
                                1827       Samuel WOLF

5 November       1883       Addie Angeline CUTRER married Walter Lee Blades, son of William & Morgana (McDaniel) Blades. They had two children: Ira & Velma.

6 November       1886       Anna Slaby MOORE
                                1911       Susie SMITH
                                1915       Ernest Miles MARK was born in Ohio, son of Amos Martin & Lillian (Hoverstock) Mark. He married Helen Virginia Sampsel. Four children: Carl, Naomi, Marita & Melvin. He was a farmer in Chester Township and later a custodian at Congress Junior High School. He was my first cousin, twice removed.
                                1916       William T. COYLE

7 November       1781       Martin RITTER
1927       Jessie Elizabeth OVERBY was born in Kentucky. She married Bernarr Jessee Reynolds in 1950 in Oregon. They had three children: Michael, Rebecca & Patrick.

8 November       1877       Ralph Clyaton KAUFMAN
                                1884       Clement RITTER
                                1901       Vernon Arthur SPICE was born in Ohio, son of Arthur & Emaline Floy (Moore) Spice. Vernon married Gladys B. Johnson. Four children: Loren, Marilyn, Neil & Carol.
                                1902       Peter C. MORRISON
                                1929       Robert John SOMMER

9 November       1870       Joseph Martin ALFORD was born in Louisiana, son of Needham Edwin & Mary Louiza (Stafford) Alford. He died in 1962.

10 November    1749       Anna Barbara RITTER
                                1749       Martin RITTER
                                1823       Isaac Nelson BRUMFIELD was born in Louisiana, son of Willis & Nancy Virginia (Holmes) Brumfield.  He married Sarah J. Smith in 1854 in Mississippi. They had ten children.
                                1892       Madeline HERBST

11 November    1854       Emma Louise WOLF was the third child of Jeremiah & Eliza Ann (Reigle) Wolf. She died in 1856, only 23 months old.

12 November    1812       Abraham MARK was born in Corliss, Pennsylvania. He’s my third great grandfather. I have been unable to find any information on his parents or siblings. He married Mary Isabella Heffelfinger. They had eight sons. Four served in the Civil War.
                                1912       William Francis BRADY

14 November    1838       Julius Newton ALFORD
                                1874       Marian Francis MARK
                                1927       John Edward DENISON was born in Louisiana, son of Jimmie Dean & Jessie Ola (Hall) Denison. He died in 2002 in Germany.

15 November    1808       Jesse BALL married Cynthia Ann Alford, daughter of Edwin Barksdale & Martha P. (Smith) Alford.
                                1888       Noah E. BALDES
                                1909       Lloyd HEIGLE
                                1913       Isaac Omer CUTRER

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