Sunday, July 15, 2012

Census Sunday - The Roy Browns in Ohio 1940

State & National Census Reports are filled with information for genealogists. Both the population & nonpopulation schedules give us insights into the lives of our ancestors. What have you found that is Surprising? Reassuring? Bewildering?

1940 US Census Rittman, Ohio from

The Roy Brown family moved from Ohio to New York State about 1940. In April 1940, however, they were still in Ohio when the census taker came around to count heads. They were living at 53 Grant Street in Rittman, Wayne County, Ohio. Thirty eight year old Roy was a millwright in a paper mill, working 48 hours a week and earning an income of $2,400. His wife, Ivy, only thirty two years old already had six children. Roy’s education went as far as eighth grade but Ivy had completed two years of high school. Their children would all complete high school and some would graduate from college.
53 Grant Street, some years later

In 1940 their children were: Delbert, 11 in fourth grade[my father]; Leo, 9 in third grade; Genevieve, 7; Jeanette, 5; Larry Lee, 3; and Robert 11 months old. Although Roy was born in Mississippi, Ivy and all these children were born in Ohio.

1945 photo of Ivy Brown and her seven children

Most of this information, besides details on work hours, income and the education of my grandparents is not new to me. I file this as a source to confirm information I have already gathered.


  1. How interesting that you caught them just prior to their move to New York.

    1. Yes. Their lives changed quite a bit after the move; including one more child in the family.


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