Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12/12 Twelve Genealogy Questions

12 Genealogy Mysteries I’d like to Solve

In honor of today’s date, 12/12/12, here are 12 questions I’d like to answer about my various family branches. If you have suggestions on how I should proceed, I’d like to hear from you.

1.       What happened to my great grandfather, MichaelCoyle? He was a baker in NYC who left his wife and family about 1927.
2.       What is the service record for Thomas Coyle, son of Michael. I have photographs of him in his sailor uniform but can find no records. I believe he lied about his age because he was too young to join up in World War One.
3.       What happened to my Gardner/Weisberg cousins? I have two second cousins related to me through my maternal grandfather, Nathaniel Gardner. As far as I know they are my only relatives in that branch. They grew up in the Buffalo, NY area. I would like to contact them.
4.       Where in Austria did my great grandfather, Leopold Gartner/Gardner, come from? I have not done Jewish research before but I’d like to learn more about this branch.
5.       When did Allen Moses Brown die? He was born 26 January 1836 in Liberty, MS and died after the 1870 Pike Co, MS census.
6.       When did Catherine Mullane die? She was born 8 Feb 1887 in Clomel, Tipperary, Ireland. She may have been a nun. Tombstones in Old Newcastle Cemetery may have the answer.
7.       Was Augustus Ceaser Gruissy murdered by his third wife? He died 8 December 1915 in Stark Co, Ohio. Family stories say she did him in before he could change his will. Finding an obituary or newspaper account may help answer this question.
8.       Who were the parents of Abraham Mark(s)? He was born 12 November 1812 in Corliss, Pennsylvania. He is a brick wall that I’d break through.
9.       Where, in Ireland, was Catherine Gibney born? She was born c 1818. She married Thomas Brady in 1841.
10.   Did Arthur Moses Gartner have any children? He was born 15 June 1884 in New York City. He died after 1948. His wife was Frances. Do I have cousins somewhere?
11.   What year was my husband’s grandfather, Charles Palilla, born? We think it was 7 July 1894 in Naro, Sicily. He would never share the actual year. His daughter would like to know when her father was born.
12.   When and where was Edward Brown born? He was born c 1730. He died c 1797 in Jones, North Carolina.


  1. Hi, Colleen. I found your post through Randy Seaver at GeneaMusings. I came up with my own 12 genealogy mysteries I'd like to solve:

    1. Yvonne, I wanted to do something to recognize the date, 12/12/12, and had also been wanting to firm up the direction my research should be moving. I hope we all get someone who can nudge us in the right direction to find answers.

  2. Somehow I missed the opportunity to participate in this meme. Your questions are good ones that sound a lot like what I would have constructed about my own family.

    1. Wendy, it was just a thought that happened yesterday. I was happily surprised to discover that others followed my lead.

  3. Colleen,

    Great post! I've managed to track down my gg-grandfather's birthplace in Austria (actually Slovakia now!) and I could certainly give you some tips if you'd like. Drop me an email!


    1. Jennifer, thanks! after the holidays, I will be contacting you.


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