Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Stockings

This is the same post from 2011...

Growing up we had the usual red felt stockings with our names written in silver glitter across the top. Our mother hung them on the back of our front door in the little house when we were small and going up the stair posts in the big house when we were older. When my husband and I bought our house with a fireplace I was thrilled that we could hang stockings form the mantle, like in story books and magazine pictures.

As a quilter, I made our stockings. They were white with an appliqué on each: an angel or tree or Santa. One year our daughter decided to they needed further enhancement and colored on them with a permanent fabric marker. (Why did I leave it in her reach??)

Our son’s stocking is different from the rest. His is crocheted in red & green yarn. Why? He was born on the evening of December 23. When he was brought to me on Christmas morning, the nurses had put him into the stocking which they had sewn. They even snapped a Polaroid of him, peeking out the top. The best filling for a stocking ever!

This year I have made a new set of stockings, patchwork in greens, reds and golds. Our son will be married soon and I think a more adult stocking is appropriate. However, I put away the crocheted stocking carefully. There may be a time when a new generation can use it.


  1. Such a cheerful mantle with those stockings! I like the little angels and trees peeking out of the greenery too.

    1. Those are made from Legos, a favorite of our children when they were young.

  2. Your son and his children will love that special stocking - I can imagine it in the family for generations to come!


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