Thursday, December 6, 2012

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Who is Santa?

My mother was the best Santa ever. She did not dress in red or jingle any bells. She did not call any attention to herself. Quietly, secretly, she made sure my brothers and I found our most wanted Christmas gifts beneath our tree on Christmas morning. Our mom put away money all year for this shopping. She drove from one store to another to find the toy or clothes or radio or watch we wanted. She hid her finds in her bedroom, tossing a blanket over things till she had time to wrap them.

My Mom & our daughter, 1984

One year I wanted a gold cameo ring more than anything else. I thought it was beautiful. On Christmas Eve my mother & I took a quick trip to Hudson [the ‘big’ city near us] for a couple last minute errands. On the way home in the car my mother told me that I would not be getting the ring. She had sent away for it but it had not arrived and now that it was Christmas Eve deliveries were finished till after the holiday. She had been watching for it every day but now it looked like it was not going to arrive in time to go under the tree. I was deeply disappointed but said it did not matter. I just thanked her for the ring and all her efforts to get it on time. I knew she felt terrible that she could not do this for me. We arrived at home and carried our packages up to our door. There, sitting on our front porch, was the box with the ring! I still have that ring and remember my mom whenever I wear it.

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  1. Aw I love a happy ending. Your mom was the best. I bet she was even happier than you were to see that box on the porch.

  2. Wendy, you are right! Moms are just like that.


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