Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories – Ornaments

Today's topic from Geneabloggers is Christmas tree Ornaments. Read more posts on this topic.

Our Christmas tree today with its coordinated red and gold balls and snowflakes looks quite different than it did twenty years ago. When our children were small our tree was adorned with handmade ornaments. We had reindeer made from clothespins, the drummer boy’s tin drum made from a can of tuna and pinecones painted gold. We had garlands made from colored pasta and string. There were dated ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ balls, small ballet shoes from dance teacher and favorite Disney characters hanging from the branches. I cross stitched ornaments with our children’s names. I put their photos in miniature frames and hung them with colored ribbons. Our oldest daughter liked to hide the plastic green Army men in the branches of the tree to see if her siblings could find them. Our son drove his trains and cars around the base.
When it was time for our oldest daughter to celebrate her first married Christmas I put together a special present. I wrapped up her special ornaments in tissue paper and laid them snuggly in a gift box.  Her pretty tree with its new decorations had an instant history with stories to tell her husband.
Our son got married this May. Yesterday my husband climbed up to the attic and carried down our Christmas boxes. I’ve taken out the tissue paper. It’s time to wrap our son’s memories for his first married Christmas tree.
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