Sunday, October 6, 2013

Census Sunday – Ritters in 1900 Indiana

I recently blogged about David Ritter and family in Steuben, Indiana in 1880. When I found him I found many other relatives nearby. Moving ahead 20 years David had died but I found there were still many Ritters there.

1900 US Census, SD 12, ED 109, Sheet 2A & 2 B

David Ritter [probably son of David & Malinda]
b July 1881 IN, 18, Single, farm laborer with the Deller family.

Malinda Ritter family [widow of David]

Malinda, head, b May 1884 OH, 56, widow; mother of 6/5 living
Jennie, daughter, b Oct 1878 IN, 21

Levi Ritter family [son of David & Malinda]
Levi, head, b July 1863 IN, farmer
Lovina, wife, b May 1865 IN, mother of 4/3 living
Bart C, son, b Feb 1881 IN, at school

William Ritter family [son of David & Malinda]

William Ritter b Apr 1871 IN, 29, farmer
Orpha, wife, b Nov 1872 IN, 27, mother of 2/2 living
Wyman L, son, b June 1893 IN, 6
Nina, dau, b Sept 1899 IN, 9/12

Jacob Ritter family [possibly a cousin, son of Joseph Ritter]

Jacob b Mar 1855 OH, 45, farmer
Mary, wife, b Jan 1858 IN, 42
Lewis, son, b Apr 1880 IN, 20
Gary, son, b Aug 1886 IN, 13

Note: I believe Levi & William married their cousins, Lovina & Orpha, daughters of Philip Ritter who lived near them in 1880 Steuben, Indiana.


Wendy said...

I like how isolating this surname has alerted you to possible relationships.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

You never know where something may lead you.