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Surname Saturday - Alphabetical Ancestors- S

S is for these Surnames…

Murrey J Schilling [1853 – 1951] was the son of Frank & Elizabeth (Ott) Schilling. He married Mary Jane Ellzey [1857 MS – 1932] who was the daughter of John Schaffer Ellzey, Jr. & Saryntha A Smith. Murrey & Mary Jane had nine children: Alfred, Ola, Dixie, Ruby, Oscar, John, Minnie, Fuman & Alma.

William Archie Simmons [1897 LA – 1955] married Lillian Alford [1900 LA – 1969], daughter of Julius G Alford & Lily E Brumfield. William & Lillian had three children: Woodrow, Geneva & Gwendolyn. They lived in Washington Parish, Louisiana.

Vern James Simmons [b1927 MI] married Dorothy June Hurd 91929 MI – 2008 MI], daughter of Howard Merton Hurd & Marian Louise Lehman. They had three sons.

Not only do I have Brown ancestors, I have Smith ancestors. And, they married each other. Try to search for those names and you will find long lists of results you have to sort through! Here are a few of my Smiths…

Jeremiah Smith Sr. [1755 – after 1827 MS] married Jemimah Hollis. They had four children: Jeremiah, George, Daniel & Mary.

Jeremiah Smith [1773 SC – 1843 MS] married Joanna Dillon [1778 NC – 1821 MS]. They had thirteen children: Hollander, Martha P., Eli, Jane, Edwin, Wyatt, Eliza, Calvin, Lidda, Mehala, Milevey, Joanna & Jeremiah. In 1790 Jeremiah was in Greenville Co., SC. In 1841 he was in Pike Co., MS.

Wyatt Smith [1809 LA – 1894 MS] married Euseba Fortenberry [1809 SC – 1878 MS]. They had nine children: Emmaline, Saryntha, William, Jasper, Newton, Rankin, Eliza Jane, Adolphus & Walter. Census records from 1840 – 1880 show Wyatt in Pike Co., MS.

Arthur Spice [b 1877 OH] was the son of Robert Anson Spice & Emma C Gordon. Arthur married Emaline Floy Moore [1883 OH – 1942 OH], daughter of Peter Jonathan Moore & Caroline Louise Gruissy. Arthur & Emaline had five children: Vernon, Glenn, Floy, Jay & Ralph. Arthur was a farmer and worked at a brick works. In 1910 & 1920 they were in Medina Co., OH.

Mary Polly Spurlock [1800 GA – 1888 MS] was my third great grandmother. I know nothing about her parents or family. I’d love to learn more. She married Edward S Brown [1806 GA – 1856 MS]. Mary & Edward had five children: Moses, Magdelene, Martha, Adeline & James.

Paul C Strohschein [b1922 LA] married Lacy L Ball [b1930 LA] in 1950. LA. Lacy was the daughter of James Alton Ball & Mildred Olga Brown. They had four children.

Not only is this an interesting surname but they are related in an interesting way. It is a case of siblings marrying siblings. Siblings John & Maria Magdalena Stumpf married Jacob & Mary Magdalena Ritter. Johannes Ritter, Sr. & Maria Elisabeth Keck were the parents of Mary Magdalena Ritter [1790 PA – 1870] and Jacob Ritter [1785 PA – 1847].

Delbert Milton Swagler [c1883 OH – 1962] married Lena Morrison [1883 OH – 1962 OH]. She was the daughter of Seth Benner Morrison & Margaret Jane Gruissy. Delbert & Lena had four children: Roy, Harold, Cleal & Paul. Delbert was a farmer in Medina Co., OH. Lena was a seamstress.

Other ‘S’ surnames in my tree: Sanfillipo, Schmitts, Shollenberger, Slaby, Sloan, Snyder, Sommer, Sparks, Stafford, Stahler, Stallings, Statham, Steele, Sterling, Straum, Sullivan, Sunburg & Swank.

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