Thursday, April 3, 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday – Belleek Vases

Family Treasures, Belleek Vases from Ireland

These vases  were once owned by my great aunt, Kathleen G Coyle. I keep them in a glass front cabinet to keep these delicate vases safe for future generations. I took them out recently to photograph them as a part of my New Year's resolution to document the various family treasures for the future.

This wonderful vase has small flowers and leaves all around. The mark on the bottom is not clear. It may be the 'Fourth Mark', made 1946 – 1955 or the 'Fifth Mark', made 1955 – 1965. 

I am still searching the internet to find a specific name for this vase which may help me to narrow down the years it was made. I may take it to a local Irish shop to see if they can help me discover more about it.

This Belleek Thistle Vase with the 'Fifth Mark' was made between 1955 - 1965. I keep small dried or artificial flowers in this pretty vase. It is a nice touch of spring.

Each Belleek item is hand made. My daughter and I took the tour when we visited Ireland in 2012. We watched vases and bowls being formed. We saw craftspeople making each petal, leaf and flower to adorn various items. Others craftspeople painted tiny shamrocks on pottery. Every step in the process is fascinating to watch and highlights how special this pottery is.

Belleek Pottery in Ireland

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