Thursday, November 17, 2016

Book Report: The Parish Register of St. Peter's New Kent Co., Virginia

In searching for my Virginia ancestors I Southern Historical Press and looked at the books on the topic. This book had many relevant entries.

The Parish Register of Saint Peter's New Kent, County, Virginia 1680-1787 
(Parish Record Series, No. 2). (1904). Richmond, VA: 
National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of Virginia: 
Reprint, Greenville, S.C., Southern Historical Press, Inc.

1698           “Jacob Winfrey & Eliz. Alford Married Nov’ 3, 1698.” Page 52

1709/10      “Jn Alford Sen’ Departed this Life March ye 14th, 1709/10.” Page 73

1709/10      “William Alford Departed this Life Febry. Ye 11th, 1709/10.” Page 53

1711           “Robert Wood & Mary Alford were married October ye 21st, 1711.” P 52

1713           “James son of James Alford born February ye 7th Xnd April 12, 1713.” Page 10

1715           “Warren son of James Alford Baptized August ye 28th, 1715.” Page 10

1717           “Frances Daughter of John Alford Born 8ye 4th, 1717.” Page 73

1717           “Julius son of James Alford born in September 1717.” Page 73

1719           “Elizabeth Daughter of Jn Alford Born July ye 1st, 1719.” Page 74

1723           “Isaac Alford son of Jn Alford Departed this Life Aug 21st, 1723.” Page 53 [unknown connection]

1723           “Unity Daughter of --- Alford & Grace born 16 Dec at 3 morn.” Page 74

1726           “Frances Alford Dyed April 27, 1726.” Page 54

1726           “Jn Alford Dyed May ye second, 1726.” Page 54

1734           “William son of Lodowick and Elizabeth Alford born July 31, baptized August 2.” Page 113

1735           “Elizabeth wife of Lodowick Alford, dy’d May 29.” Page 119

1736           “Elizabeth Daughter of Lodowick & Susannah Alford, born Decem’r 22, baptized Feb’ry 6.” Page 125

1736           “Lucy Daughter of Goodrich Alford and Sarah Alford, born Feb’ry 25, baptized March       27. “ Page 126

1738           “Jacob son of Lodowick and Susanna Alford born Decem’r 12, baptized Feb’ry 18.” Page 137

1739           “Susanne Daughter of Goodrich and Sarah Alford, born Oct’r 5, baptized Nov’r 18.” Page 142


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  1. Wonderful entries, lots of detail. Did you buy the book or was it available online?

    1. I bought the book but I think it may be on line as well. It was worth every penny!


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