Sunday, November 27, 2016

Census Sunday: A Man who Never Moved

Sometimes we get lucky and a person we are tracking stays in one place. That is the case with Elbert Weston Ott. Elbert lived in one place from childhood and on into his adult life. At times you can find siblings or other family members living on the same road.

Looking into the future, I wonder how many of us will be that easy to track. My husband and I have moved a couple times but stayed in New York State. Our children have all lived in different states. Our son, who has been married only four years has lived in three different states and is now in the Air Force and headed in new directions. His descendants will have difficulties tracking all his moves.

Elbert Weston Ott
1855 – 1924
Son of Charles Ott & Margaret Ann Tate
My 1st cousin 4x removed

1860 US Census, Louisiana, Washington Parish, Ward 2, Roberts post office; page 18;

Charles Ott, 60 b SC farmer
MA 47 b VA
Serepta 21 b LA ; school teacher
Mary A 19 b LA
Ema A 17 b LA
David J 13 b LA
Charles D 11 b LA
Walter F 10 b LA
Elbert W 5 b LA
Adolphus E 2 b LA
Mary M 2 b LA

1880 US Census, LA, Washington, Edward Dykes; SD 1, ED 194, Page 38;

Margaret A. Ott [widow] 67 b VA; keeping house
Serepta A., 41, at home
Charles D., 32, farmer
Elbert W., 24, farmer
Adolphus E., 22, works on farm
Emma Porter, 34 [daughter, widow]
William E. Porter, 17  b MS [grandson]
James E. Porter, 14 b LA  [grandson]
Ella V. Porter, 11 b LA [granddaughter]

1900 US Census, LA, Washington, Ward 2;

Elbert W Ott, 44 b Sept 1855 LA; merchant
Mattie E., 34 b Sept 1865 MS; mother of 8/5 living
Victor L., 13 b Nov 1886 LA
Norman D., 12 b Mar 1888 LA
Percy W., 10 b Sept 1889 LA
Edward S., 7 b Dec 1892 LA
Leo G., 5 b July 1894 LA

1910 US Census, LA, Washington, Ward 2, Mt Herman Rd; SD 4, ED 126, Sheet 22;

Elbert W Ott, 54 b LA; merchant in general store
Martha L., 44 b LA
Norman, 22 b LA; bookkeeper, general store
Starland, 18 b LA, clerk, general store
Leo, 16 b LA, labor, home farm
Ellenaor, 7 b LA

1920 US Census, LA, Washington, Ward 2;

Weston E Ott, 64 b LA; merchant, general store
Martha L., 54 b MS
Ellenor, 18 b LA


  1. Elbert Weston Ott not only stayed in one place, he had a distinctive would have been able to find him even if he left the area, IMHO. Hope your Thanksgiving was fun. And thank you for the enthusiastic review on Amazon!

  2. I wonder if anyone will be able to track me the 6 1/2 years I spent in Germany, 18 months on Okinawa and 2 tours in Southeast Asia.


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