Sunday, November 13, 2016

Census Sunday Jeremiah & Pernecia Smith

Jeremiah Smith, 1821 – 1894, son of Jeremiah Smith & Joanna Dillon

1850 US Census, MS, Pike;

Jeremiah Smith, 28, b MS, farmer; value $1,000
Pernisa, 26 b MS

William G., 6 b MS
Ancil G., 4 b MS
Eliza J., 3 b MS
Sarah L., 1 b MS

1860 US Census, MS, Pike, Holmesville;

Jerry Smith, 39 b MS, farmer, $1,700, $10,000
Permehsia, 38 b MS

William G., 18 b MS, farmer
Ansel G., 16 b MS, farmer
Eliza J., 14 b MS
Susen L., 12 b MS
Catherine J., 5 b MS
George C., 3 b MS

1870 US Census, MS, Pike, Osyka;
Jeremiah Smith, 49 b MS, farmer; $1,500, $700
Perecia, 48 b MS

Clara J., 15 b MS
Janest (male), 13 b MS
Samantah A., 11 b MS

1880 US Census, MS, Pike
Jeremiah Smith, 58 b MS
Pennsery, 58 b MS

Jerret C., son, 22 b MS, farming
Eliza J., daughter in law, 20 b MS, at home
Samantha, daughter, 19 b MS, at home


Charlie Purvis said...

In 1870, Janest (male), 13 b MS should be corrected on Ancestry to Jarrett. This is Jarrett Cylan Smith, married Elizabeth Jane "Eliza" Brock. I have her line back two more generations, if you meed some help.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Charlie, I'd love that information. Thanks!