Sunday, January 8, 2017

Census Sunday: Alfords in Louisiana

The James M. Ball – Lacey A. Alford Family

1860 US Census, LA, Washington, Ward 8, Davidson;; James M. Ball family.

James M. Ball 34 b LA, farmer
Lacey 30 b LA
Martha A. 10 b LA
Mary E 9 b LA
John E. 7 b LA
Julia 6 b LA
Anne Melison 5 b LA
James J Melison 2 b LA

1860 US Census, Slave Schedules, LA, Washington, Ward 8;; James M. Ball.

James M. Ball; 2 slaves; 24 year old male; 17 year old female

1870 US Census, LA, Washington, Franklinton;; James Ball family.

James Ball 44 b MS, farmer
Lucy 41 b LA
America (f) 19 b LA
John 17 b LA, farmer
Julia 15 b LA
Emma 12 b LA
James 11 b LA
Newton 9 b LA
Ida 7 b LA
Louisa 5 b LA

1880 US Census, LA, Washington, Ward 5;; James Ball family.

James Ball, 53 b LA, farmer
Lacey 51 b MS
John E. 27 b LA
Julia 27 b LA
Anney M. 23 b LA
James 21 b LA
Newton W. 19 b LA
L. (f) 15 b LA

Lacey A. (Alford) Ball is my 2nd great grand aunt.
Lacey's sister, Cynthia Alford, married Jesse Warren Ball.


  1. Colleen, how do you do the family tree outline with your ancestor highlighted? Really adds to my ability to understand who's who in the census data.

    1. Marian, I used my Family Tree Maker program. It is an hourglass family chart. When making the chart there are many options for fonts & boxes, etc. You can also have 'marked boxes' that can be different from the other boxes as I did here. Glad it works. Thanks.


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