Wednesday, February 1, 2017

State, County, Town Histories Online Free

Do you want to learn more about the places your family has lived? The history of the area can help explain the lives and movements of your family. Some history books give insights to the everyday lives of our ancestors. From big events to small events the history impacted those who lived there at the time. 

When I write about my family I like to include the history of the area. Those who read my books enjoy getting a full picture of the life and times of our ancestors. I especially like older history books. There is a special 'flavor' to the writing in those volumes. I find local histories in libraries or for sale on line. I just found a super collection of those books online. This website looks like it is helping people with the DAR process and has several good tips. I have focused on the books.

The website is:

From the website:
From the late 1870s to the early 1920s, many counties (particularly in mid-western states) published county histories which included detailed biographies of their citizens.   Many of these histories are now available online for FREE.  In addition to your direct ancestors, look for biographies for your ancestors' brothers, uncles, nephews, etc. as their biographies will often mention your direct ancestors.

Scroll down to:

This site is easy to use. Click on a state. There will be histories of that state and a list of counties/towns beneath. Some states have a long list of histories and others are short. Hopefully, your state has many books available.
[Remember to always cite your source.]

Give these books a good read & let me know if they are helpful to you.

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Charlie Purvis said...

I have several of these books and they have been very helpful.