Friday, March 31, 2017

Social Notes: The Willis Fortenberry Family

These are charming little notes about my Mississippi cousins. 

Willis F. Fortenberry 
1887 - 1976
Son of Webster Fortenberry & Nannie Ellzey

Mississippi Social Notes

Mr. and Mrs. Willis Fortenberry were happy to have most of their children and all of their grandchildren home during the holidays. Among those visiting them were Mr. and Mrs. T. M. McGehee and two children of Eastfork, Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Fortenberry and two children and Miss Bonnie Fortenberry of Baton Rogue, La., Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Blades and three sons of Spring Creek, La., Mr. and Mrs. Otis Sims and son of Oxford, Miss.

from: Progress Gossip. (1949, Dec. 30). McComb Daily Journal, p. 4. Retrieved March 5, 2017;; Willis Fortenberry.


Mr. and Mrs. Willis Fortenberry and son, Karl, spent the weekend in Baton Rogue with Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Fortenberry. Karl remained until Monday to go on to Pineville, La., to enter college there.

from: Fortenberry. (1954, Sept 1). McComb Daily Journal, p. 4. Retrieved March 5, 2017;; Willis Fortenberry.

These little newspaper clips have helped me to name some of the children of Willis & Ivy Fortenberry: Weldon, Karl & Bonnie. 

Are you related to this family? I'd enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Much more detail than usual for these little social notes. Surprised the name of the college wasn't mentioned...You are so lucky to have these in your hands!

  2. These little home town newspapers just loved these little tidbits for their local news section. That the way residents of an area got their news about other families.


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