Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Book Report: Mississippi Territory in the War of 1812

Mississippi Territory in the War of 1812

By Mrs. Dunbar Rowland
Baltimore, MD: Clearfield Company, Inc., 2005

In this short history I endeavor to give a truthful account of the part played by the Mississippi Territory and its soldiery in the Campaign against the British and the Creek Nation during the War of 1812.

This is a reprint of a publication by the Mississippi Historical Society written in 1921.

This small book begins with a description of the Mississippi Territory prior to the war. The larger towns, their leadership and the military units are discussed. The history of the hostilities with the Creek Nation is detailed. Then the author leads us through the events of the war in interesting details. I must admit to having skimmed those details and hope to return to read the entire text soon.

The history of the war is followed by ‘Rolls of Mississippi Commands in the War of 1812’ which fills almost 80 pages of names. I have combed through those names and found family members in Nixon’s Regiment from our Brown and Dillon branches.

If you have soldiers who fought in this conflict or if you are interested in the war, this book will be of interest to you. Find a copy, sit back and read.


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