Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Christian Gruissy Immigration 1835

Christian Gruissy

b c 1792 Switzerland
My 4th Great Grandfather

A Second Look

In 2011 I published a book, The Mark Family Story, that included my Gruissy roots. When I finished it I moved on to other branches of the family. Recently I have gone back to look at some of my Gruissy research notes & I did some searching on Ancestry. As we know, new records are always being added. I was happily surprised to find this record of Christian's arrival in the USA. Previously I had found him in Ohio in 1837. Now I know the he arrived two years before that. I wonder how they traveled from Switzerland to France; what led Christian to Ohio and how he traveled from New York to Ohio. Every discovery leads to more questions.

This record also shows two daughters I had not previously found, Elisabeth and Barbara.

Lesson to myself: Remember to go back and check for new information!

Ship: Rhode Island
Port of Departure, Le Harve, France
Arrival NY City 25 May 1835

Steerage Passengers:
Christian Gruissi          43        male     Laborer            Switzerland
Barbara                      44        female                          Switzerland
Christian                     23        male                             Switzerland
Elisabeth                     18        female                          Switzerland
Barbara                       13        female                          Switzerland
Rosina                         11        female                          Switzerland

John                             9        male                             Switzerland

Source: New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957; 25 May 1835, the Rhode Island; digital image, Ancestry ( March 2018) Christian Grussi.

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  1. Did Christian have relatives in Ohio already? Some of my family left Virginia in 1836 for Ohio. I guess land was cheap as the government was encouraging westward expansion.

    1. Wendy, if there were other Gruissy families there I did not find them. Of course, it may have been another as yet uncovered surname.

  2. Two previously unknown daughters is quite a find! Good luck with the rest of your research following this family across the country.

    1. Marion, I am excited to see those two additional names for the family. My cousin & I are brainstorming what may have happened to those sisters.

  3. A real treasure- two new unknown daughters.

    1. Yes, Charlie. You are right. They may have stayed right in New York and never traveled on to Ohio with the others. Or they were lost to records when they married and changed their names. Many possibilities to follow up on.

  4. What a great find, Colleen. I wonder if the two daughters married in Ohio. There's a list of Ohio links at and I've noticed that several are specifically marriages. But being the good researcher that you are, you've probably already looked at them! I hope records for the sisters eventually come to light.

    1. Nancy, it would be very nice to find the sisters. Which links did you have in mind?


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