Thursday, March 1, 2018

Oscar Brumfield, Brave & Gallant Soldier

Oscar Hope Brumfield
7 May 1841 MS - 8 March 1922
Son of Charles Brumfield & Harriet Knight

My 1st cousin, 4x removed

This short newspaper clipping was written by someone with a tender touch of their pen. First, it mentions Oscar's Civil War service, which I had found in other sources. He is described as a "brave and gallant soldier." But the main purpose of this notice is to tell readers that Oscar has been moved to a home where he will live out the days remaining in his life. [This would be three years later.] He is wished "peace and happiness" until he is "called up higher." In 1919 the author of this article knew how to say Oscar would not be recovering; that he would live out his remaining time in this facility; certainly not an easy fact to report. 

Mr. Oscar Brumfield to Beauvoir

Wednesday, Mr. Oscar Brumfield, one of the old Confederate Veterans, left for Beauvior to spend the remainder of his life in the home. Mr. Brumfield was a brave and gallant soldier and during the stormy days of the war between the states he was young and no truer son wore the Gray than Oscar Brumfield. May he find peace and happiness under the shade of the Spreading Oaks at Beauvior and in his leisure dream over the many happy dreams of youth until called up higher, and there let us hope all his earthly ambitions will be fulfilled...

Mr. Oscar Brumfield to Beauvior, (Yazoo City, MS: The Yazoo Herald, 7 March 1919)1; digital image, accessed February 2018.


  1. He survived the War and lived a long life.RIP

    1. Charlie, Oscar and his brothers served & they all returned safely to the family. He lived on for many years & probably had many stories to tell of his service.

  2. What a sweet article to find. I think many of the old newspaper reports and obituaries were so much kinder and more sensitive than today's. (Of course, some of them were much more graphic, too.)

    1. Nancy, I agree! I love the way the tender way this is written. I think things now are more factual & subjective and less sensitive.


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