Thursday, June 11, 2020

June Anniversary: Jesse Kelly Brumfield & Hannah Youngblood; 190 Years Ago

 Jesse Kelly Brumfield
1 March 1807 SC – 25 July 1884 MS
Son of John Brumfield & Margaret Kelly

Hannah Youngblood
27 September 1808 GA – 25 March 1885 MS
Daughter of Benjamin Youngblood & Susannah Collins

11 June 1830 Marion, MS; 190 years ago

Randolph, Ruth Brumfield, and Nell Brumfield Jacobs Smith. Brumfields Revisited: Ancestors and Descendants of George Y. and Martha Penny Brumfield. Privately printed, 1995.

Parents of:

Andrew Jackson Brumfield
Benjamin Kelly Brumfield
Henry Sims Brumfield
Mary Luezer Brumfield
Jesse Alexander Brumfield
Susan Lucinda Brumfield Andrews
John Richard Brumfield
Leah Elizabeth Brumfield

Other June Anniversaries:

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8 June 1949 MS   Fay Seward Smith & Patricia Brock   71 years ago
15 June 1870 OH   Henry C. Miller & Mary Ritter   150 years ago

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