Friday, April 1, 2022

No Joke: the 1950 US Census is Here!

 The 1950 US Census is Here!


1 April 2022. The 1950 US Census reports will be released to the public! According to the National Archives:

 “Taken every 10 years since 1790, the United States census provides a snapshot of the nation's population.” 

Records are held for 72 years before they are released to the public. Genealogists use those records to learn about their families. The last release was the 1940 census. Now it is time to find those families, ten years later.


I have a Wish List of people I am hoping to find in the 1950 Census reports. Here are my priorites:



·      My Parents. They were married in 1948. They lived with my maternal grandmother at first & later rented a nearby apartment. I know the town, county & state. Were they in the house or apartment in 1950? I’d like to see their names and feel the connection to my wonderful parents. 



·      My Paternal Grandparents. Roy & Ivy Brown. They were in New York State but had moved a few times. Which was their home in 1950 and which of their children were still at home? I'd like to see my grandparents, my aunts & uncles names.

·      My Great Grandfather, Jasper Pascal Brown. His wife had died in 1948. In 1950 was he living alone or with one of his children? He died later in the year so that would have been the last census he was listed in. What will I learn?

·      My Great aunts & uncles, the living children of Jasper & Rose Brown: Lucy V. (Brown) Fortenberry, Ina L. (Brown) Alford, Junius Earl Brown, Hubert Allen Brown, Lyda M. (Brown) Pierce, Mildred O. (Brown) Ball & Thelma Laddie Brown. Where were they living & which of their children were still at home?

·      My Great Grandparents, Thomas & Regina Mark. They were living in Medina Co., OH. Was Thomas retired or still working as a carpenter?

·      My Great aunts & uncles, the children of Thomas & Regina Mark: Isabell E. (Mark) Nee, Vera V. (Mark) Ballard, Viola C. (Mark) Nothstein, O. Andrew Mark & Clarence W. Mark, Wava A. (Mark) Braun. Where were they living & which of their children were still at home?


·      My Maternal Grandmother, Helen (Coyle) Gardner. She was a widow in Columbia Co., NY. I know where she lived. I don’t have any questions that I think the census will answer but I would like to see her name and feel that connection.

·      My Great Grandfather, Michael Coyle. I do not know where he was in 1950 or if he was still living. I will start by searching New York City, his last known residence. He is a mystery to be solved. 

·      My Great aunts & uncles, the living children of Michael & Mary Jo Coyle: Marion J. (Coyle) McCall, Marguerite C. (Coyle) Marshall, Thomas A. Coyle, Lillian A. Coyle, Kathleen G. Coyle. Was Thomas still living? The sisters were all single at the time. Were they living together? Were the sisters still in New York City or in Florida?

This list of questions is just a starting point with the 1950 Census. I'm sure it will lead in many directions!



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