Friday, May 20, 2022

Timeline: The Ashley Family

Here's another fun timeline from my book in progress, 'Our Brown Roots.' Timelines are useful tools when trying to understand the lives & movements of a family. They are also very useful for understanding a family in relation to local and world events. I am currently writing a book, 'Our Brown Roots.' At the beginning of each surname section I have included a timeline like the one below. 

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 1610                            Dutch East India Company carried tea from Macau to Europe & set off the beginnings of a new European habit

1618                            The Virginia Company of London set up the Headright System that gave 50 acres of land to colonists who paid their own way to VA, or paid for others

1624                            The Dutch settled New Amsterdam (New York State)

1624                            King James made Virginia a royal colony

1625                            John Ashley born in England

1650                            Colonial population approximately 50,400 

1650                            World population, estimated at 500 million

c 1650                         Birth of Thomas Ashley, Sr., son of John, in VA

1653                            John Ashley owned 300 acres of land in Lancaster, VA

1669                            John Ashley granted 137 acres of land in Lancaster, VA

1699                            Town of Williamsburg, VA established

c 1710                         Birth of Thomas Ashley, Jr. in Bertie, NC

1718                            22 Nov. Pirate Blackbeard killed off the coast of North Carolina

1729                            North Carolina became a royal English colony

c 1733                         Birth of Ann (Ashley) Lawrence, daughter of Thomas Ashley, Jr., NC

1742                            Thomas Ashley, Sr. sold to Thomas Ashley, Jr. 120 acres on Cashoke Creek, Bertie, NC

13 April 1743              Thomas Jefferson, future 3rd president, born in Virginia

1754 – 1763                French & Indian War

1758                            Thomas Ashley, Sr. with sons Thomas Ashley, Jr. & John Ashley lived in Bertie, NC

c 1762                         Birth of Ann (Lawrence) Dillon, daughter of Ann (Ashley) Lawrence, NC

1789                            North Carolina became the 12th state

1789                            30 April. New York City became the first US Capital

1790                            Aug. Death of Thomas Ashley, Jr., 80 years old, Bertie, NC

1800                            Population of North Carolina: 478,103 

1840                            The first public schools opened in North Carolina

1850                            World population, estimated at 1.1 billion

This chart shows the connection between the Ashley family & my paternal grandfather's father. 

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