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Timeline: The Brown Family

Do you like timelines? I do! They are useful tools when trying to understand the lives & movements of a family. They are also very useful for understanding a family in relation to local and world events. I am currently writing a book, 'Our Brown Roots.' At the beginning of each surname section I have included a timeline like the one below. Click on the links to learn more about the people in this timeline.


c 1730             Birth of Edward Brown

1760s               Edward Brown & family lived in Craven, NC

1777                7 Feb. Birth of Moses Brown, Craven, NC

c 1797             Death of Edward Brown in Jones, NC

1806                26 July. Birth of Edward Stewart Brown, son of Moses, Liberty, GA

1807                Robert Fulton’s paddle steamer, Clermont, navigated the Hudson River, NY

1812 – 1814    War of 1812; brothers Daniel, Edward & Moses Brown served in MS Militia

1830                1st US steam locomotive traveled 18 miles from Baltimore to Ellicott’s Mills

c 1835             Marriage of Edward Stewart Brown & Mary Polly (Spurlock) Brown

1836                26 Jan. Birth of Allen Moses Brown, son of Edward Stewart Brown, in MS

1838              6 Jan. Samuel Morse 1st publicly demonstrated the telegraph & developed the Morse Code system of communication

1838                27 Feb. Death of Moses Brown, age 61, in OH

1840                19 Jan. Antarctica claimed for US when Cpt. Wilkes circumnavigated continent

1841                4 April. Death of President William Henry Harrison 

1847                7 May. The American Medical Association was founded in Philadelphia

1850                9 July. Death of President Zachary Taylor 

1851                The 1st World’s Fair in history opened in London; US participated 

1856                7 May. Death of Edward Stewart Brown, age 49, in MS

1858                28 April. Marriage of Allen Moses Brown & Emmaline (Smith) Brown, MS

1860                Allen Moses Brown, wife, mother & brother lived together in Amite Co., MS

1861                MS was the second state to secede from the Union; Civil War began

1861 – 1865    James P. Brown served for Confederacy; Aaron Brown served for Union 

1865                9 April Robert E. Lee surrendered the Confederate troops & Civil War ended

1865                14 April. President Abraham Lincoln shot & killed

1865                15 May. Birth of Jasper Pascal Brown, son of Allen Moses Brown, Pike, MS

1867                A military government established in MS after the reconstructed government of MS was rejected by the US Congress

1870                23 Feb. MS was readmitted to the Union

1871                The Great Fire of Chicago burned 1.2 million acres of land & 17,450 buildings

1873                21 July. Jesse James & Gang, 1st successful train robbery in the American West

1881                2 July. President James A. Garfield shot; died 19 Sept.

1887                21 Dec. Marriage of Jasper Pascal Brown & Rose Ella (Brumfield) Brown

1901                President William McKinley assassinated in Buffalo, NY

1902                8 Mar. Birth of Roy Jessie Brown, son of Jasper P. Brown, Osyka, Pike, MS

1903                Wright Brothers made the 1st controlled, sustained flight, Kitty Hawk, NC

1906                Earthquake destroyed 4 square miles; killed 500, San Francisco, CA

1917 – 1919    World War I; Hubert Allen Brown served

1922                25 December. Marriage of Roy Jessie & Mary Thelma (Ellzey) Brown, MS

1923                2 Aug. Death of President Warren G. Harding 

1927                2 Aug. Marriage of Roy Jessie & Ivy Regina (Mark) Brown, OH

1940                Roy J. Brown family moved from OH to NY

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  1. Timelines are awesome. They provide a good review of the past and great snapshot of events throughout your ancestor's lifetime.


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