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Timeline: The Kennington Family

Timeline of the Kennington Family

 1691                The area assumed the name South Carolina; based on Carolus = Charles

1700                Population of South Carolina = 5,000 people

1700                Sept. Hurricane hit South Carolina; Charles Town was flooded; ships sunk

1713                Carolina Hurricane; significant death toll; storm surge drove vessels ashore

1745                Birth of John Kennington in SC, son of Edward

1750                Edward Kennington was living on Lick Creek, Craven County, SC

1752                Sept. The Great Carolina Hurricanes. Two hurricanes hit SC 2 weeks apart; Wharfs & bridges ruined; all houses damaged in Charles Town

1776 – 1783    Revolutionary War; Capt. John Kennington served in SC forces

1783                Charles Town renamed Charleston

1786                Violette Kennington was born, daughter of John & Martha Kennington

1788                South Carolina became the 8th state in the United States

1791                First 10 Amendments to the Constitution, Bill of Rights, were ratified.

1800                Population of South Carolina = 345,591

1801 – 1809    Thomas Jefferson, President of the US

1803                8 Jul. Violette Kennington married William J. Fortenberry, Flat Creek, SC

1804                Sept. The Great Gale. Hurricane hit South Carolina; damage along coast; ships sunk & crops destroyed; 11-foot tidal surge

1809                3 Dec. Birth of Euseba Fortenberry, daughter of William Jasper & Violette (Kennington) Fortenberry

1809 – 1817    James Madison, President of the US

1812 – 1814    War of 1812

1817                Mississippi became the 20th state in the United States

c1819              William Jasper & Violette (Kennington) Fortenberry moved to Mississippi

1819                Spain agrees to cede Florida to the United States

1835                Baking powder was invented

1837 – 1841    Martin Van Buren, President of the US

1840                Population of Mississippi = 375,651

1840                William Jasper & Violette (Kennington) Fortenberry lived in Pike Co., MS

1858                Death of Violette (Kennington) Fortenberry in MS, age 72 years

This chart shows the connection between the Kennington family & my paternal grandfather. 

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