Friday, August 25, 2023

Book Report: The Edge of New Netherland

Do you have roots in the early Dutch in New Netherlands? My Van Valkenberg family was in the colony and this book has taught me about the place where they lived. 




The Edge of New Netherland


L. F. Tantillo

Published for the New Netherland Institute, 2011



New Netherland

The Bastion

Fort Casimir



During the 17th century a small European Protestant country comprised of seven provinces and ruled by a prince rather than a king, became a dominant international sea power and a leader in global trade. It is referred to as Holland, although Holland was only part of the country, The United Provinces of the Netherlands, achieved a level of success unparalleled by a nation of its size in the colonial era. 


Holland’s colony of New Netherlands encompassed much of today’s New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware and part of Pennsylvania. The primary rivers were today’s Hudson, Connecticut and Delaware rivers. 


This beautifully illustrated book gives a look at life in New Netherland. Learn about the fur trade; its trappers and hunters; the hat production and trade. Learn about the forts and their bastions. 


The book then gives details on Fort Casimir in Delaware. My family lived in Fort Orange in New York but this is still a very interesting history.




  1. So where I live in CT was once part of New Netherland! Did not know, quite interesting.

  2. This is all new information for me, and I live in Connecticut. Thank you for sharing this!


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