Thursday, September 21, 2023

Vintage Photograph: Coyle Sisters

 This is a wonderful vintage photograph. I love the studio background, the pretty dresses and, most of all my Nana and two of her sisters. For many years this photograph lived in a large wooden chest. The chest sat on the landing at the top of the steep stairs at my Nana's house. From there the chest of assorted treasures moved to my mother's house. I have the chest in my bedroom now with quilts carefully folded on top. I have moved the photograph into an archival safe box. Putting this in my blog will help the digital version live on. 

Left to right:

9 Jan 1897 NY - 13 Oct 1965 NY
My maternal grandmother, my Nana

24 Dec 1901 NY - 13 Mar 1980 AZ

Marion J. Coyle McCall Kunnemund
19 Mar 1900 NY - 9 Jan 1991 AZ

I own the original photograph.


  1. What a sweet photograph! The girls' dresses are beautiful--so much lace and detail. Helen looks so serious, Marguerite, interested, and Marion uncertain. I love little Marion's string of pearls.

  2. This is an awesome vintage photo passed down for generations. It’s great that it was well cared for and survived.


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