Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Travel Tuesday - Bermuda

 September 1938
Sisters: Marguerite (Coyle) Marshall & Kathleen Coyle
on board the Monarch of Bermuda

These women were younger sisters of my maternal grandmother, Helen (Coyle) Gardner. They traveled to many places around the world. This photo, with the name of the ship, led me to the passenger list and enabled me to date the photo.


Wendy said...

Thank-goodness the sisters decided to stand next to the lifebuoy.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Yes, my great aunts made this photo easy for me by standing there. ha!

Charlie Purvis said...

They certainly seems to be having a great time.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Yes, the sisters traveled together many times. After the death of their mother three of the sisters lived together, in the most part, for the rest of their lives.