Sunday, May 5, 2013

Census Sunday – Sometimes it All Comes Together

Wyatt Smith, my 3rd great grandfather, [1809 LA – 1894 MS] married Euseba Fortenberry [1809 SC – 1878 MS].  Wyatt & Euseba “blazed the trail, built the stockade a quarter mile east of the present Silver Springs Church.  Besides rearing eight children of their own, they proved their love for children by bringing up several orphan children, and counted them their own."[1] They are buried in the Wyatt smith Cemetery in Pike Co., MS.[2]

Sometimes a search comes together easily, perhaps to compensate us for all the other times when every avenue turns into a muddy path. I have been able to find Wyatt in several US Census reports.

1840   Pike, MS        Wyatt Smith; 2 adults; 4 children; 25 slaves
1850   Pike, MS        Wyatt Smith, 41, farmer; Sibby; 7 children, all b in MS
1860   Pike, MS        Wyatt Smith, Holmesville, 50; Euseba; 5 children; a son next door
1860   Pike, MS        Slave Schedule, p 51. Wyatt Smith with 10 slaves & 2 slave houses
1870   Pike, MS        Wyatt Smith, Osyka, 61,  Euseba; 2 children, Adolphus & Walter
1880   Pike, MS        Wyatt Smith, 69, living with his son, Adolphus & family.
1900   Pike, MS        Adolphus Smith, dentist, in Magnolia with wife & 6 children

1860 Us Census, MS, Pike; Wyatt Smith family

May all your census searches be successful.

[1] Fortinberry,  G. K., Abstract History of the Fortinberry Family; 1795-1940's; Family History Center Microfilm #1036152, page 39.
[2] Parish, Ray, and June Sartin Parish. Cemetery Inscriptions; Pike County, Mississippi; 1750 - 1978. 1979.


  1. I've found that my husband's family is much easier to research than my own. His line arrived, stayed put and didn't move around, weren't plagued by misspellings of their last name, managed to get enumerated on time every time. I count it a major achievement to see a tight chronology of a family listed in my database.

    1. Wendy, I do love it when a family stays put. It makes is much easier to research. They are more the exception than the rule, however.


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