Thursday, May 30, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday – A Future Treasure?

Genealogy takes time: searching the internet, traveling to archives & libraries, writing letters, interviewing, etc. However, many of us have other interests as well. When the weather here in New York State is good, I like to spend time in my garden. I also spend many hours in my sewing room making quilts. Sometimes I try to integrate my interests. I enjoy finding ways to link genealogy & quilting.

Civil War 9 Patch Quilt

With the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War companies who make cotton fabric for quilts made reproduction fabrics, new fabrics in the colors and patterns of the 1860s. I bought some fabric, selected a quilt pattern from that era and made a Civil War Quilt. I wanted to make it in memory of my ancestors who fought on both sides on that awful conflict.
Label on back of Civil War 9 Patch Quilt

Recently my quilt guild had their quilt show. The Civil War Quilt is one of the quilts I entered in the show and I was happy to receive a second place ribbon for my workmanship.
Second Place Ribbon

Maybe, in the future, my quilt will be a treasure for my family.

Our family’s Civil War Soldiers, Union:

§ Thomas Jefferson Mark 1840 – 1963, 118 Reg., Co. E Ohio Vol. Inf.
§ John Mark 1842 – 1862, 16 Reg., Co C Ohio Volunteer Infantry
§ William Mark 1844 – 1904, 195 Reg., Co I Ohio Vol. Infantry
§ Marion Mark b1848, 16 Reg. – 114 Reg. Ohio Vol. Infantry
§ David Ritter 1842 – 1863, 16 Reg., Co A, Ohio Volunteer Infantry
§ John W S Wolf 1841 – 1908, 120 Reg., Co D, Ohio Vol. Infantry
§ Joseph Wolf 1844 – 1924, 120 Reg., Co D, Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Our family’s Civil War Soldiers, Confederate:

§ Jessie Alexander Brumfield 1838 – 1910, Col JH Wingfield’s Reg, LA Calvary
§ John D. Brumfield 1842 – 1903, Col J H Wingfield’s Reg. LA Calvary
§ MartinPenn Brumfield 1837 – 1862, 9th Louisiana Infantry, Co I, Rifles
§ BurrellTaylor Fortenberry 1820 – 1863, Pvt. 9th Louisiana Calvary
§ Gasua Chapman Fortenberry 1805 – 1884, 9th Mississippi Regiment

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Wendy said...

What a smart way to combine your interests. It's interesting to see that list of names of soldiers on both sides of the conflict. I need to do that. I know SOME who fought, but I have not really bothered to check on some of the collateral lines. And congratulations on that ribbon!

Mary said...

Very nice quilt, well done, great label and a great way to blend hobbies.

Charlie Purvis said...

Nice quilt. I remember the quilting sessions when I was a youngster many years ago.

Nancy said...

Your quilt is beautiful, Colleen. Congratulations on the ribbon! You had a lot of Civil War soldiers in your family!

SallySearches said...

The quilt is beautiful! What a great keepsake :)

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Wendy, there are probably more soldiers in my family but those are the ones I have uncovered thus far. As you know, we are always learning something new.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Mary, thanks! Without a label some day my quilts will be like an unidentified photo. ha!

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Sally, thanks! I enjoy trying to combine my interests.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Nancy, thanks! Making the quilt was lots of fun. I may add the list of soldiers to the back of the quilt.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Charlie, thanks. I have been sewing, in one form or another, most of my life. My mother and her mother taught me. It is a family thing, of course! ha.