Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday’s Tip – There is Always More to Learn

Our local community college offers many classes for ‘Creative Retirement’ in a wide range of topics. This spring a new class was offered, ‘Search for Your Irish Ancestors’ taught by Lisa Dougherty. A friend of mine wanted to attend and I said I would go along with her. I thought I might learn a tip or two and I did.

Lisa Dougherty began by explaining how difficult it can be to search for Irish records considering the lack of records available. Then she explained the search can be easier if you can uncover the county & townland where your ancestor lived. She explained sources for discovering that information:

·         Newspapers with obituaries and/or probate records
·         Naturalization & Immigration Records & Passenger Lists
·         Vital Records, church & civil
·         Family Documents, Stories, Photographs
·         Gravestone & Cemetery Records
·         Military Records
·         Regional Surname Maps
·         Girffith’s Valuation

Our teacher gave each of us a handout with websites associated with each of the above categories. She gave us four websites for general Irish genealogy research:
1.    Ancestry.com
3.    FamilySearch
4.    IrishGenealogy

All of this was covered in the first hour. It was a lot to absorb for beginners but the handout should be of great help once they returned home.

The second half of our class focused on RootsIreland.ie.
·         An overview of the site
·         The history of the Irish Family History Foundation
·         Records that are Available
·         Registering & Purchasing credits
·         Tricks & Shortcuts
·         Research Tips

Lisa stressed, “The success of any search is dependent on the quality of the information you bring to it.”

My friend was happy with the class and eager to learn more about her Irish ancestors. However later in the day she emailed me: “I am more confused than I was, but it seemed so easy at class!” She is a beginner and I think she was overwhelmed but don’t worry. We are going to get together & I will take her through it all at a slower pace.

For me, I learned a half dozen new websites. I was unaware of the Boston Pilot newspaper database where people searched for their missing Irish family members. I did not know that if you search for Griffith’s Valuation at askaboutireland.ie it will link to a map to show you exactly where they lived. I want to try this!

My Tuesday Tip is this, you can always learn more. Find opportunities to expand your genealogy talents and you will discover more about your family.


Wendy said...

I have to laugh at your friend's reaction AFTER class. I feel the same way when trying something new. But she's in good hands with you leading the way.

the honeymoontrail.blogspot.com said...

You Tuesday Tip is very good. It is so true there is always more to learn. Being part of this blogging community and the challenge of doing posts for my blog has been a great learning experience for me.

Regards, Grant

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Thanks, Wendy. My friend & I will be getting together soon.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Grant, you are right! Being a part of geneabloggers has taught me many things about genealogy research.