Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tranquil Tombstone: Milton Ritter Family

Rittersville Cemetery, St. Peter’s United Church of Christ
North Tacoma Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania

Milton C Ritter
Born 27 June 1857
Died 2 July 1910
Aged 53 years, 5 Days
Possibly the son of Charles & Matilda Ritter

The monogram on these stones is clear and attractive.

Ida E Ritter
Born  4 September 1859
Died 25 March 1932
Wife of Milton Ritter
Aged 72 Years, 6 Months, 21 Days

On the top of these tombstones we can see the relationship on the people, Father, Mother, Daughter. This is very helpful for genealogists.

Agnes M Ritter
Born 15 July 1879
Died 24 December 1893
Daughter of Milton & Ida, only 14 years old
‘Asleep in Jesus’

You can see more photos of Ritter tombstones. I posted the Ritter tombstone pictures on Find A Grave and in my Our Leaves & Branches Photos


  1. I have never seen tombstones like these. They are very nice. If I were shopping for tombstones, I'd pick these. (HA -- glad I'm not shopping!)

  2. I like that they are labeled on top: Father, Mother & daughter. That's a great help for us genealogists!


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