Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy 100th Birthday to the Girl Scouts!

Marching in the Memorial Day Parade with my brothers

Happy 100th Birthday to the Girl Scouts!

There have been three generations of Girl Scouts in our family: my mother, myself & my daughters. My mother was a Girl Scout in the Bronx. When I was little I was very shy & she hooked me up with the Scouts to help me make friends. I have many happy memories of Girl Scout activities: crafts, badges, cooking, camping & making new friends. When I first sold Girl Scout cookies a box of cookies was 25 cents.

My mother's membership card

Membership in Girl & Boy Scouts, 4H & other clubs is great information for genealogies.


  1. I'm going to have to slap together a quick post. I loved being in Brownies and Girl Scouts. I was a leader too for my daughter's troop.

  2. Wendy, My mother, my aunt and I were both Girl Scout leaders. I was also a camp counselor as a teenager. We went spent many hours with Scouts: meetings, trips, badge days, award ceremonies, camp outs. We gave a lot but got many happy memories in return.

  3. Such a great snapshot. And now you've got me wondering whatever happened to my membership card. Sadly long gone.


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